Friday, February 12, 2010

snow day!

so, who knew texas had all FOUR seasons?

i've been complaining to adam for some time now that the only reason i agreed to move here in the first place was because i thought it was SUNNY AND WARM all the time... but since september all it's seemed to do is rain rain rain! (it's a good thing i actually like my town and love my neighbors, or i'd be on the first plane back to colorado for good! -- or holland for that matter -- the weather seems to be the same there as it is here!)

but then, just when i think i'm sick of winter and i'm ready for spring already, we get a BEAUTIFUL snowstorm that has paralyzed our city for two days! it's soooo pretty!

last i heard, we got 11 inches (28 cm) of wet, sticky, heavy snow yesterday. the airport in dallas was virtually shut down, with hundreds of flights cancelled due to the weather. both adam's and gracie's schools were closed yesterday, and again today because of it. and no wonder -- i don't even know if our city owns a single snowplow, and i doubt my neighbors have windshield scrapers for their cars! besides that, the stores down here just don't sell winter boots and parkas, so when the weather gets cold and wet like this, you pretty much see people wearing sweaters over sweatshirts, and a couple of pairs of socks for layers instead of good, warm, winter boots. better to just stay home!

yesterday we built a snowman -- an activity we may never get to do again here in texas. i've selected only a couple of pictures here because they're all in front of our house and i don't want to publish pics of the outside of our house on the blog. but needless to say, we all had a great time. our snowman, when all was said and done, stood about 5 feet tall, with a real carrot nose, acorns for eyes, arms that were sticks from that big maple tree that fell down back in september, and a scarf that my mom made. i was so glad i was feeling better (just the day before i was sick in bed all day long with a fever of 102 f -- 38.8 celsius -- but by 5:00 pm yesterday i was right as rain, so we all took advantage of the snow day to build a snowman!) then inside for some homemade spicy tomato soup and biscuits. the house still smells like last night's dinner as i type this the next morning -- how wonderful! (it's making me hungry for breakfast, actually...)

walking outside this morning, it just felt like a peaceful winter day: our street is absolutely quiet, covered with a blanket of heavy white snow. nearly every neighbor has their car parked in the driveway, as most businesses have cancelled their normal operations today. (only poor cal, the best neighbor ever, has to trudge through the icy, slushy streets to manage his quality control something-or-another over by the city airport... drive safe, cal!) i was able to dig out my old ice-fishing boots from when i used to live in minnesota (good thing i thought to bring them to texas!) and tromped through the deep flakes all up and down the street to take these pictures for you, dear reader, before gracie woke up this morning. it was all i could do to come back inside... i wish i could play out there all day!

so, wherever you are today, i hope you enjoy your day as much as we will enjoy ours! what a very special (if somewhat disturbing) treat, to have a blizzard in texas! (and they say global warming is a myth... think again!)

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VAlerie said...

well, I'm starting to think the WARMING part is a myth... climate change, however, couldn't be truer!

Looks pretty though!!!