Wednesday, September 02, 2009

teaching gracie about democracy

there is an important issue facing our new hometown of denton, TX: the proposed drilling of gas wells within the city limits. not only is it putting our groundwater and the foundation of our homes in danger, but the proposed site is EXTREMELY upsetting: directly across the street from a park, dozens and dozens of homes, a hospital, and a hospice center. are you kidding me? who thought up this brilliant plan?!

so last night we went to a protest. yours truly ended up on the front page of the denton record chronicle newspaper. and miss mary grace briggle also got her picture taken by another newspaper.

Protest at City Hall from NTDaily on Vimeo.

it wasn't hard to teach her how to say "no no no" to these proposed wells. she's pretty good at saying "no" already (and she's not even two years old yet!). what WAS hard was teaching her how to hold the sign properly since it was about twice as big as she was. oh, well. practice makes perfect. i hear that we're holding another rally in two weeks, so she can try it again then...


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