Saturday, September 12, 2009

new digs!

howdy, y'all!

as i type this, i am sitting on my couch in my NEW HOME, drinking coffee and listening to the rain pitter patter on the back patio. we just spent our first night here in our new house, and i am energized and excited!

a lot of you have been asking for pictures of our house, so i wanted to give you a "virtual tour" of the place. rather than clutter up your inbox with a bunch of pictures, i thought i'd make a blog entry instead.

i am not posting a picture of the front of our house, for obvious internet-stalker security reasons. but if you want to see the outside of it, you can either A) email me and i can email you back a picture, or B) come and visit!

i will, however, describe to you the house: it's this adorable little ranch-style, brick, 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom brick home, on a very quiet and wooded street. it is hard to find mature trees like this in the suburbs of dallas, because so much of this area has been built up only in the last 20 or 30 years. our house was built in the 1960's, and everyone out here seems to think that it's rather old for a house. lol! i suppose comparatively speaking, that is true!

our street is very quiet, and the only people who seem to know where our street is are the people who actually live here. there isn't much of anything back in our neighborhood, which is nice because it means there is less traffic. however, less than a kilometer/4-5 blocks away there is a nice park for gracie to play in, and about 1 kilometer/.5 miles away there is a huge supermarket. there is TONS of shopping, restaurants, cafes, and even a movie theater within a short walking distance. so we are very close to a lot of important things, but our neighborhood is BEHIND all of this stuff, so no one drives down our street!

we are also only about 3 kilometers/1.5 miles away from both adam's work and gracie's preschool! as soon as we get our bikes we will be biking everywhere, just like back in hengelo!

if you were to look at the front of our house, you would see a bunch of beautiful windows. the ones on the far left, shaped like diamonds, actually go into the garage. the next couple of big, beautiful windows look into the formal dining room. the dining room, however, will be used for adam's office and for a sort of formal sitting room/parlour (oh, my house is so nice i can have a parlour in it!). that's what you see in this picture. (ps, all of these pictures were taken before adam and i got to move in. so there is still quite a bit of furniture, etc. in the pictures, which does not belong to us.) as you can see in this photo, it has carpet, so i don't imagine we will be eating in there at all, but it makes for a perfect area for adam to do his work and to have people over for meetings. there is a cute little chandelier in this room, and lots of big closets for storage. there is also a little bar area that is built in to the wall! and, GET THIS!... there is an INDOOR flower bed in this room! that's right! i can plant flowers INSIDE my house! there is a drain that goes all the way down to the ground, so i can put some potting soil in there and plant whatever i want! maybe an indoor herb garden? fun!

when you walk in the front door, immediately in front of you, you will see the living room with a big, pretty stone fireplace, which you can see in this picture. (the fireplace has the same type of stone that matches the pillars in the front.) when you walk in, to your left is the parlour/adam's office. to the right you is a hallway with two bedrooms and a bathroom.

now back to the living room. here is another picture to show you the full view. there is a cute desk that is built in to the wall. and there is a little window in the kitchen which opens up into the living room -- so even when i am making dinner or cleaning up, i can still spend time with my family! yay!

the next picture is of the kitchen: it is taken from the center of the house -- so the last picture i just showed you, of the living room, was taken from this very same spot (but obviously looking in a different direction.) the kitchen doesn't have a lot of counter space to work/cook on, but there is a TON of storage space in the cabinets. i even have a little pantry built in! (normally i have to put my things on a bookshelf near the kitchen! this is wonderful!) what i love most about my kitchen is the fun old-west style saloon-type doors! those open up into the parlour room.

the kitchen extends to the back of the house, which is where we will put our table. it will be so nice to sit here, looking out our gorgeous windows into our backyard -- just like in hengelo!

there is another bedroom just off of the kitchen, which is the largest of the three rooms. this will be my massage office when i finally get started up again. there is a bathroom attached to this bedroom, which is not accessible to the rest of the house. and the bedroom which will be my office has a separate entrance in the backyard -- so when my clients come for their appointments, they will park in the driveway, walk through the back gate, follow the steps to the patio, and walk right in. they won't bother the rest of the house at all, and we won't bother them! how wonderful!

our bedrooms are on the other end of the house. gracie's faces the front yard, and ours faces the back. there is a bathroom adjacent to our room, and the bathroom is directly across the hall from mg's room, so we'll share it together. this bathroom actually has a bathtub in it, whereas the other bathroom (the one in the massage room) has only a shower (and toilet and sink of course). what i don't like about our bathroom is that it's carpeted (yuck!), and there is only one sink. but in our bedroom there is a little sitting area with a sink there, so i've claimed that as mine. adam calls it my "froo-froo space." whatever he wants to call it is fine by me. as long as it's mine!

something i love most of all about our house is our beautiful back yard. it's very shaded, but has a sunny patch where i'll be planting pumpkins, tomatoes, and jalapenos next summer. our patio is huge and wonderful, and i'd like to line it with terra cotta planters filled with basil and peppers and fragrant flowers and chives and cherry tomatoes and and and... one side of the backyard is almost always in the shade, so we'd like to put gracie's swingset there (whenever we find the money to get her a swingset, then that's where it will go). the other side, where my eventual garden will be planted, now has a huge, ugly, metal toolshed there. i'm thinking about posting it on craigslist and telling people they can have it for free if they can haul it out of here for me! it's GOT to go!

so there you go. that's our new home. we love it here, and i've already got some great stories to tell you about our first few moments here... but that will have to wait for another blog at another time.

y'all come on down for a visit any ol' time you want! we'll be waiting!


teresa said...

hooray! thanks for sharing!

Queen E said...

Thanks for the tour of your new house... your new home! I can't wait to come visit and see how you're settling into the place. It looks lovely. I like the swinging western saloon-style doors, too. Yeehaw, you're definitely in the old west now!

That's so cool that it has rooms for both you and Adam to have offices, and a big yard for you all to work on and for Gracie to play in. Congratulations on such a grown-up purchase. I'm so proud of you.