Friday, July 17, 2009

saying goodbye to the girls

about 9 months ago, i started kicking it with the cool girls. it's difficult to find ONE good girlfriend, but to suddenly be bff's with a whole GROUP of girls -- well, that's downright miraculous!

i don't even know how it all started. i think we just kind of all knew of each other through various connections, and one night decided that we better all formally meet (since we had heard so much about each other already), get dressed up and go out to dinner somewhere fancy. and ever since then, we've been inseparable. (well, up until now when i moved, that is... waaah!)

birthday parties, moving parties, random drinking extravanganzas... any excuse we can make up to go out and get awesome!

there are far too many pictures from our past events to publish in one blog entry, but suffice it to say that the girls have kept me BUSY and surrounded me with love this past year. it has been TERRIBLY difficult to say goodbye to them, especially since they're all so hott. ;-) what keeps me going is knowing that they're all in academia, and fortunately academia creates MANY opportunities for one to travel to other universities for networking, conferences, etc. i pray fervently that these girls will have a chance to come to texas to work with adam and to play with me. i visualize me and gracie coming back to holland with adam for various work meetings, so that i can reconnect with the girls again. i miss them all so much!

to properly say farewell, we organized one final girls-night-out at a surprisingly expensive italian restaurant near my house. (oops! maybe i should have looked at the menu beforehand...) mostly i wanted to go there for the ice cream, which CONSISTENTLY wins awards every year for the BEST ice cream in the netherlands. all the girls were there, and we sat in the back terrace under grape vines and the open sky. the service was TERRIBLE, but at least it meant that we got to hang out for hours at a time just drinking wine and eating ice cream! nothing wrong with that!!!

after dinner we headed to our favorite girls-night-out pub, de appel, and drank wine and duvel beer and were WAY too rowdy and obnoxious. we've been to de appel a couple of times before, and the last time we had been there we actually closed the place down -- in the middle of the week! seriously! the bartender finally came out and gave us our bill, and we looked around and EVERYONE was gone, and aimee REALLY had to use the toilet before she biked all the way home, but the bartender had locked all the doors and wouldn't let her in cuz he was TIRED and wanted to go home! haha!

(note to future employers/lenders who might be reading this blog to get more background information on me: this is WAY out of the ordinary for me. now that i have a child i am almost always asleep by 10:00 or 11:00 p.m., and i never have more than a couple of drinks in a night. i don't know what got into me that evening -- i guess it was just a great girls-night-out!)

anyway, i am SAAAAD to say goodbye to everyone. they have really made my last year in hengelo amazing. they have supported me in so many ways and have made me feel at HOME in hengelo (something i didn't feel until only this past year). i pray that i find another group of homegirls to connect with when we move to denton in a few weeks. i know no one will be able to replace the love and friendship i have shared with my holland girls, but i do hope i can find a group like this one to befriend. but really, don't we all? a bunch of hott girlz who are funny, intelligent, and know how to rock it? seriously -- i think we're all looking for a group like that!

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