Sunday, May 24, 2009

oxford (day trip to the natural history museum)

another email excerpt:

dear ma,

everything is good here. bob and rae got here this morning as we were all eating breakfast. gracie is in hog heaven with all the attention she's been getting from everyone. we went to the grocery store for some lunch fixins and while we were out we all bought little presents for gracie cuz she doesn't have any toys and she's going crazy -- a puzzle (it's flat and easy to pack and she LOOOOOVES puzzles), and a long string of pearls (she loves playing with my necklaces so now she has one of her own) and a little jewelry box that rae saw at a 2nd hand store, that has a little clasp and a secret compartment in it. she loves it! this afternoon, after everyone wakes up from their naps, we'll head downtown and walk around the center, and meet up with adam after his meetings today and then we'll get some grub somewhere. tomorrow i don't know what we'll do, but it's our last day in town so i really hope i can see the inside of the dining hall at christchurch. i've been wanting to do that all week.

yesterday sure was a lot of fun. i was thinking of you the whole day, too -- did you feel it??? gracie and i took the coach down to london and met adam there (he was there earlier in the day for some meetings) and we all went to the natural history museum together. he had to leave right away unfortunately to make it to another meeting, but gracie and i stayed. she and i had a little lunch, i changed her diaper, and then we saw a couple of exhibits. we first went to the human biology one which i thought was really cool and we learned how babies were made and how they're born, and then there was this section about how babies learn and develop, with cool buttons to push and things to uncover and explore. fun fun fun! THEN we went to see the dinosaurs! WOW did she love that! she just kept running around with her arms outstretched in front of her, and her fingers pointing, and turning around and screaming and pointing and running and pointing and screaming and pointing and laughing and running. omg, she thought it was soooo cool! now i say, "gracie, what does the dinosaur say?" and she goes "roar wah wah rrrroooooaaaar (giggle giggle)!" yay! there were several animated dinosaurs with mouths that would open and arms that would wave and move, and necks that would look around, and they would growl and roar and stuff, and OMG she thought it was realllly cool.

i just kept thinking how much i wish you were there, because i just know that we would have seen every single exhibit in the museum and pushed every single button and turned every single knob and left with a bag full of toys from the gift shop. it was so much fun. we'll have to take you and gracie to something like that in dallas when you come down to visit us.

then she took a nap in the cafe there, and when she woke up adam was there too and we went to an exhibit called "creepie crawlies" which she seemed to like cuz there were a couple of butterflies and lots of little buggies for her to point at, and lots of stuff was at her eye level. then it was time to go, so we caught the bus and got some fish and chips at a little restaurant near the coach station. she SQUEALED with glee when she saw this whole plate of french fries in front of her -- that's her FAVORITE food (that's my girl!). she didn't eat any of her fish, though, because if there are french fries in front of her, she won't eat anything else until the fries are gone. and she ate all of her fries, every single one (except the one that adam put some ketchup on -- she picked around that fry and wouldn't eat it at all cuz there was something weird on it. just like her dad!). so by the time it was time for her to eat her fish, she was stuffed! too funny!

that's all the news for now... next stop, edinburgh!

amber, adam, and gracie

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