Sunday, April 26, 2009


here's your latest batch of gracie videos to keep you entertained while you wait for us to move back in july...

3/27/2009: dancing with daddy in the living room. this is how we both stay so trim: we pretty much run around in circles with her all day long!

3/27/2009: whenever gracie has some new teeth coming in, she makes this motorboat sound to try to cool her gums. today she has climbed up onto a chair all by herself and is hanging out up there just making these sounds. it's endearing and pathetic all at once! poor, funny little girl with her sore gums!

3/27/2009: i don't know who has more fun at bathtime: gracie or her daddy!

3/28/2009: the first few minutes of gracie's day -- daddy is changing her diaper and i'm pretty much not doing anything helpful.

3/28/2009: it was a very rainy, dreary, dutch day, so the three of us made the most of it by going to the market and having a lekker lunch of french fries and fried fish. what a great, fun video that we'll love watching over and over when we move back to the usa and there's no more market like this!

3/28/2009: one of gracie's FAVORITE THINGS EVER is the streetsweeper! he usually comes onto our street on wednesday and saturday evenings after the market is done, but we also see him at other times during the week. here we are just done having dinner, and she heard the streetsweeper, so we had to RUN to the window to see the last minute or so of the streetsweeper doing his job. gracie also knows a bit of baby-sign-language, and so adam and i made up a "sign" for streetsweeper so she can "say" it when she sees it on the street. you'll see her waving her arm back and forth like she's waving sideways (or sweeping in front of her) and that's the sign that we taught her.

4/1/2009: as soon as april came, the weather got warm, sunny, and gorgeous. here we are after lunchtime, having a quiet water activity in the back yard. i love how messy and wet she's getting! yay, gracie!

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Nick & Teresa said...

She can self-soothe when she's hurting!
I loved watching her play in the bath; she's hilarious.
That girl is ready for a patch of dirt to play in, after the cement patio! Good ol American dirt and worms to eat!