Tuesday, April 07, 2009

consultatieburo, month 14

well, it's time for another health-update from everyone's favorite doodlebug!

gracie had another consultatieburo appointment on monday. it was supposed to be her last one before we move, but since she's turning 18 months only 2 weeks after we leave, the doctor suggested that we come in for one more appointment before we move. (she's due for another check up at 18 months...) so we're going to bring her back for one final visit on the monday before we take off... she won't be getting any shots at that appointment, so we won't have to worry about her breaking out into a rash at 35,000 feet.

gracie has been rather sensitive the last several days, since she's getting 4 teeth at the same time. i think they're the bicuspids, so they're really sharp and she's none too happy about that. so bringing her to the dr's office for her shots when she's already so grumpy was going to be a real "treat" for us!

adam had to go to work on monday morning, but the weather was nice and gracie and i have been to the c.b. lots of times already, so we were fine on our own. so we took my bike there, and i got her undressed and let her play for a few minutes on the cool climber that they have, and she was pretty pleased, but then it was time to get her weighed and measured, and the lady who did it was not the regular lady, and gracie didn't know her, and gracie wanted to play, and gracie got irritated. but we got it taken care of -- she now weighs 13 kilograms (28.6 pounds) -- she has gained 1.5 kilos/3.3 pounds just since her last appointment in january. holy cow! she also measures 85 cm (33.4 inches -- nearly 3 feet tall!!!) and has grown nearly 2 inches in the last 5 months. wow! she's still at the top of the charts, and growing at the normal rate. when does it slow down? she's constantly getting bigger!!! where is my BABY?! they didn't need to measure her head this time since she is now officially a toddler. my baby is all big now! waaaah! :-(

it was then time to see the dr. it was a new doctor, someone i remember meeting ages ago when she was apprenticing under our regular pediatrician. i think this doctor was turkish because she spoke dutch with a slight accent and didn't know much english, which leads me to believe that she probabaly didn't grow up here. so we spoke dutch for most of the appointment, but if i couldn't find the dutch word i'd say it in english and she'd mostly understand me.

gracie did NOT like this dr, though. she was unfamiliar to mg, mg wanted to play play play, and the dr was very kind and patient, but didn't seem to know how to handle gracie... it seemed like she was still new to this whole thing. she'd just plop her down on the table like she was a doll and expect her to sit still, and instead of following gracie's lead she'd want gracie to do what she needed her to do. so she'd just pick up gracie and put her back down on the table, which FREAKED gracie OUT, and then she'd squirm some more, and the doctor would have to handle her more to get her to sit still, and that would upset mg even further, and you can see where we're going with this... it wasn't fun for either of them, and i felt bad for them both. the doctor really was trying so hard to be gentle with gracie, but seemed to be lacking something somehow and gracie was extremely irritated and upset. and then we have the SHOTS to look forward to! ugh!

but first the check-up: gracie stacked blocks for the doctor, gave me blocks, put blocks away in the box... all very good things indeed. gracie is obviously walking, which is good too. and i asked about her language: gracie doesn't really say WORDS yet (a few: book = buh; bread = beh; shoe = doo; what's this? = dih dih?) -- she definitely communicates. i was telling the dr about all the sign language that mg knows, including a new sign that she just made up on her own on sunday: we were reading a book together, and i said, "gracie, can you find the butterfly?" and she not only pointed to the butterfly, but then she took both of her arms and sort of flapped them back and forth. i have NEVER done this in front of her! how did she know this? and again later in the day, adam said to her, "gracie! butterfly!" and she flapped her arms again. and again she did it yesterday when reading a book. AMAZING! the dr was REALLY impressed with that (as was i!!!) and told me that it's more important now that she UNDERSTANDS, and not just speaks words. and clearly she understands.

and ANOTHER story that i have to share while i'm on the subject: adam was unloading the groceries yesterday, and gracie had the package of toilet paper. i wanted her to set it by the door to the upstairs, so we could put it in the bathroom up there. so i said to gracie, "can you please put the toilet paper by the door?" and you know what she did? she walked back over to the door -- the door to go outside -- and set the toilet paper down right on the welcome mat! can you freaking believe it? 14 months! and all i said, "put the tp by the door" and she put it by the door! it's the wrong door, but that SO doesn't matter! what a good listener she is! i am SOOOO proud of her! how did she get so smart?!

oh yeah, and ANOTHER story: last night at dinner she had some cauliflower on her plate, next to a bunch of other finger foods... she was pointing to things, and would say her little "dih dih?" ("what's this?") and we'd tell her... gracie, that is your hot dog. that is your sippy cup. that is the table. that is your cauliflower. and she stopped when i said cauliflower, then she leaned really close to it and started sniffing it LIKE A FLOWER. she heard FLOWER and smelled her cauliflower! where does she learn this stuff? amazing!

okay, back to the c.b. after the dr. manhandled gracie, it was time for her shots. hooray. she had to leave to get the supplies, so i took the opportunity to calm gracie down again by looking out the window at the trains going by, and helping her stack rings on the ring stacker, and kissing the baby dolls in the corner. finally the dr came back in the room, and told me what was happening next. gracie was getting two shots: one for measles, mumps, and rubella (in her left arm) and one for meningococcus (in her left leg). the poor thing! that one in the arm looked like it REALLY hurt, and she jumped and screamed and yelled and i wanted to cry just as hard as she did. poor doodlebug! then the left leg, which was faster and probably not as painful, but poor gracie had just about had all she could handle at that point.

now it was past her lunchtime, she was in pain, and this doctor kept touching her which she really did not like. after waiting a few minutes to make sure she wasn't going to have a negative reaction (or at least, no more negative than the reaction she already had), i brought her back out to the main room to get her dressed. the doctor helped me reschedule another appointment for july, for right before we leave, and as she was going back into her office, she looked adoringly at gracie, touched gracie's cheek, and said, "bye bye, gracie!" now, gracie had JUST calmed down, and then the doctor comes by and touches her again! poor gracie SCREAMED in fear and about jumped off the table! oh, poor doctor! oh, poor gracie! the dr. and i laughed about it a little, and she went further into her office. then, just as i had calmed gracie down AGAIN, she peeked her head out of the office and apologized to gracie for scaring her. but just LOOKING at the dr's face made gracie scream and cry again! oh, my poor baby! it's funny and heartbreaking all at once. poor doodle!!!

by the time we were back on the bike to go home, gracie was in a fine mood again. i found a slightly different way back which took us through the woods and past a ducky pond, and that made mg pretty happy. we got home around 12:20, and i made her her favorite lunch of hot dogs, green beans, toast with spreadable cheese, and apple juice. she didn't eat much of her dinner that night (i made this lekker spinach pesto pasta, but mg refused to eat it no matter what), but i didn't force her to eat something she didn't like after such a traumatic day. so her dinner was applesauce, yogurt, and cereal, and she ate that all gone!

during her bath last night adam noticed some spots on her back, tiny little red marks that looked like she was pricked with a little stick pin. and they were slightly raised. we both figured it was from the shot (it was for MMR, after all), and now today it's all gone. she slept just fine last night, and has been in a good mood all day today. didn't eat much of her lunch, but adam and gracie went to the bakery this morning for a treat so i think she just spoiled her appetite... she DEFINITELY eats when she's hungry, so i'm not worried.

now she's taking a nap and i'm looking at houses online (we've decided to buy one after all -- want to take advantage of that $8,000 tax credit!) and cleaning up for my massage client tonight. we're hoping on friday or saturday to get out to the west to see the tulips... you can be sure we'll send pictures of that when it happens! for now, here are a few pictures from our time at paleis het loo (pron: pal-ICE het low) last friday -- it's the royal vacation palace, only about an hour from here, and the place was virtually abandoned that day so we pretty much had it all to ourselves. too fun!

love you all! let's talk soon! love,amber, adam, and gracie

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