Monday, March 16, 2009


i know, i know, it's been a while since i've been able to catch you all up on the latest gracie videos. my bad. there's like a ZILLION on youtube right now, but i'll just post a few so you don't get stuck in front of your computer all afternoon, mesmerized by all the awesome clips of gracie.

by the way, if you ever want to see these videos before they're on the blog, you can just go to and look for our "channel" -- our username is adbriggle.

so, here's the first one: it's from january 15, 2009: a couple times a week, i will scrub the floor by hand to clean up all the goop and gunk that ends up down there from gracie's messy mealtimes. since this night was a bath night for gracie, i decided to let her help me clean up her mess. it didn't matter so much if she was wet or dirty from it because she was going to get cleaned up before bedtime anyway. she's SUCH a good helper bunny -- always wants to do what mama is doing, and keeps herself busy and occupied so easily!

1-17-2009: she didn't officially take her "first step" until january 19, but she already knew how to walk around as long as she was pushing/holding onto something. (fyi, as of this posting, she's completely 100% walking now -- she started on my birthday and hasn't crawled since!)

1-29-2009: gracie is learning how to feed herself. here she is learning to use a spoon to eat up her yummy yogurt!

1-31-2009: i didn't know it was possible, but gracie somehow found a way to RUN even when she's crawling! here we are at a park near our house on a sunny weekend morning.

2-1-2009: one of gracie's favorite chores is to help with the laundry. she will take one thing out of the basket and wave it around and put it on the drying rack, and take it off again, and wave it around, and put it on and take it off, etc. sometimes she'll put the laundry on, and crawl around with a scarf or a pair of my underwear on her head. it's sooo cute! here's a video of her helping her daddy with the laundry.

2-15-2009: gracie got a baby dolly for her birthday, and it was around that time that she started to learn how to give kisses. here she is playing with her dolly, and kissing him. too sweet!

2-17-2009: remember that choochoo car that she got for st. nicholas day this year? when she first sat on it, her toes didn't even touch the ground. now she's so big she can scooch around all by herself! what a big girlio!

2-19-2009: okay, i saved the best for last! seriously, this one is worth it!

gracie has recently learned how to give kisses (and i think it's the sweetest thing EVER EVER EVER!). here we are before naptime, playing a quiet game: taking out all the stuffed animals and kissing them one at a time. omg, she's adorable! i love how she goes "mmmm" as she kisses them. is there anything cuter?

okay, that's it for now. there are probably about ten more at least that i want to post, but this should keep you happy for a while i hope... enjoy!

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