Monday, January 26, 2009

munster christmas market

i know it's been a while since these events happened, but i still want to write about them -- i don't want to forget about all the fun things we did when bob and rae were here in early december! better late than never...

every year, my book club has a holiday event which our partners and families are invited to. and this year, the book club wanted to go to the christmas market in muenster, germany. since it happened to coincide with bob and rae's visit, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity for us to see a bit of germany and to experience the weihnachtsmarkten that we've heard so much about!

my friend sabrina, who lives in munster, met us at a starbucks in the downtown area. (we ALL wanted to go to starbucks because they are very difficult to find here in holland -- there are two in the WHOLE COUNTRY, and they are BOTH at the airport in amsterdam!) so we all went and got some warm things to drink, since the weather was VERY cold. she then escorted us to several of the different christmas markets that were set up in various places throughout the city. apparently muenster has many christmas markets, not just one big one, so it was fun to explore the different markets and to see how each one was a little different.

the first one we went to was in the shadow of the saint lambert cathedral. that was very cool, because the church in our town is also the st. lambert cathedral. st. lambert was apparently some bishop in maastricht ages and ages ago, and obviously must have performed some miracle of some sort to be a saint now. i am somewhat familiar with this church in munster, because every year adam's department hosts some sort of field trip for the philosophy faculty and families, and one year it was in muenster and we learned about the various sculptures throughout the city. our tour guide that day told us about the history of the cathedral there, which is quite gory and really lives up to the stereotypical middle-ages protestants vs. catholics nightmarish stories. if you click here, you can read about it. (note: it's towards the end of that blog post.)

there were a few other markets that we saw, and it was fun to go to some of the "less crowded" ones (i shudder to think about what the "crowded" ones were like! we were pretty jam packed together everywhere we went!). we drank TONS of gluhwein and kept our mugs for souvenirs. and i bought a new fancy santa hat with feathers instead of fur. nice.

we stopped to eat some pflammekuchen (sp?) and listened to some street performers. i think gracie liked those guys a lot because there was a dude playing a wooden box as a drum, which is TOTALLY her style.

before we finished for the day, adam and i both took turns on the carousel with mary grace. she was such a good girl! she totally deserved to go on a ride, after being pushed around germany all afternoon and not getting a chance to crawl and climb and play. then we stopped at starbucks AGAIN for more hot things to drink, and caught the train home once more. i think we were home by like 7:00 in the evening? it's just so great that we live here, that we can go to a christmas market in germany and still be home in time for dinner. it's like, "what did you do today?" and we're all, "oh, not much -- we just went to germany to see the christmas markets, eat some pflammenkuchen and drink some hot spiced wine. how about you?" ha! i love it!

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