Sunday, December 21, 2008


we recently upgraded our internet speed, so that's why i'm all of a sudden able to upload all these videos onto youtube. here's a bunch more of our little doodlebug!

11-15-2008: gracie is chasing her daddy as he holds the camera. the squeaking sound in the background is of the jewelry store downstairs opening their security gate at the beginning of the business day.

11-20-2008: gracie opening a present from sinterklaas. the day before, we had gone to visit sinterklaas at his house here in town. and before we left, zwartepiet gave gracie a little cadeautje. we came home and put her gift by her shoes, which were sitting by the fireplace (like our tradition of hanging the stockings), and the next morning she got to open it up!

11-20-2008: gracie is learning how to walk by pushing our chair across the smooth floors we have in the living room. joan baez is playing in the background. we sure have nice days out here!

11-21-2008: gracie is pooping at breakfast. are we terrible parents for posting it here? she's just so darn cute!

11-22-2008: the poopshiver! we finally caught it on tape! now you all know what i'm talking about when i say that she does this little shiver after she poos! it's so funny!

11-25-2008: adam is working out and gracie is exercising with him. what a very social girl she is!

11-28-2008: gracie and daddy are dancing. gracie likes to sing when she dances with her dad, too. poor adam, he had to leave for a job interview in the USA this very night, and didn't come home until nearly a week later. what a sweet way for gracie to send him off!

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