Saturday, December 13, 2008


i hope you have a nice cup of tea and are sitting comfortably! here's the latest installment of gracie videos! it's amazing to watch these in order and see how quickly she has gotten so big!

9-15-2008: gracie learning how to crawl. she doesn't quite know how to go forward quite yet, but she's definitely scooching!

9-21-2008: here she is finally up on her hands and knees. it's only a matter of time now before she's off and running!

10-2-2008: okay she's TOTALLY crawling now. but only when she feels like it. so i came in from making dinner in the kitchen and put down something on the floor to entice her to come closer. unfortunately, it was a glass of wine -- i'm a terrible mother! (i just thought that if it was something that she hasn't really seen before, she might be curious and come closer. but it didn't work, which is probably all the better cuz i don't want her drinking alcohol quite yet!)

10-7-2008 here's a video of gracie jumping in her johnny jump-up in the morning. she loves her johnny jump-up! i really should have used it more with her cuz whenever she was in it, she always had a good time. but now she's too big and heavy, so i can't use it anymore. sad! maybe for the next baby, whenever that might be...

10-7-2008: later the same morning: the weather was very mild this autumn, and i was able to have the door open to the garden on nicer mornings like the one in this video. this was about the time when gracie was just learning how to pull herself up onto ledges, etc., and so for a long time her favorite activity was to stand at the door and pick the flowers growing in the cracks by the doorway. she's such a sweet girl!

10-10-2008: gracie is seriously SCREAMlaughing at her daddy! she gets all goofy after dinner, and here she's practically hyperventilating with laughter! listen to how FRANTIC she is! HAAHAAAAHA! i bet you can't watch this video without laughing too! (my cheeks hurt from smiling so much!)

10-18-2008: playing in the window with daddy. here she is doing her "cowgirl" when she's bouncing up and down on her knees!

10-18-2008: gracie helping with the dishes! she LOOOOVES to unload the dishwasher, even if all the dishes are still dirty. she's such a good helper!

10-26-2008: another first! -- it's her first day clapping her hands! SOOOO FUN!!! (i think she's cheering for barack obama, cuz we're watching meet the press and colin powell was endorsing mr. obama for president! yay!)

10-28-2008: gracie knows how to climb up the stairs now. she's so big! this is the first day that she learned how to do it! we were at an aquarium in scheveningen, near the hague.

10-31-2008 gracie is a little grumpy after dinner. normally she's really goofy and playful, but tonight she's just a little sleepy and not really into it.

10-31-2008: gracie has naked butt time before she goes to bed. it's like her favorite time of day EVER! look how she keeps looking behind the mirror for the other baby, and how she has to stop to clap her hands -- but she'll only do it once because she's just too busy moving about to stop to clap!

11-1-2008: in the tubbers singing a song with mama

11-5-2008: when gracie was busy chasing her daddy across the living room. i love how even though she's crawling, she still manages to find a way to STOMP!

11-8-2008: there is a carousel that is usually at the market on saturdays. if gracie is a good girl (which she IS like, ALL the time), then we like to take her for a spin on it before we come home.

11-13-2008: this is one of my favorite videos! gracie learned to climb the stairs and now it's her favorite thing to do. i love her "i'm so proud of me" laugh that she does several times during this video. she also learned to say "hidad" when she's excited, and she says this a couple of times too! the one thing i DON'T like about this video is that she's constantly grinding her teeth -- aargh!

12-2-2008: gracie likes to share! she's feeding me her apples and broccoli from lunch. what a sweetheart!

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teresa said...

I can't decide which is my favorite: the one of her kissing herself in the mirror, or the one of her shoving apples up your nose.