Thursday, October 16, 2008


i hope you have some time, cuz here's a whole mess of gracie videos, all the way back from the summer.

(ps the reason we're unable to post these more frequently is because of the time-consuming technology we have. first we make the video, then we have to download each video separately onto our computer, then we have to upload them onto youtube -- which takes FOREVER -- and then we put links here on the blog. not as easy as just uploading a few pictures. but at least it's worth your time, cuz we usually post a bunch of videos all together, so that's fun...)

okay, get yourself a cup of tea and settle in for a while. here we go!

gracie and her friend james had a playdate this summer and here is the video to go along with the blog entry that i wrote over the summer. a brief video, mostly of mary grace and james laying on the floor and playing with toys separately from each other. i think that "other-awareness" must have come later, cuz if she was in the same situation now she'd be MUCH more interested in the other baby next to her, instead of the toys in her face.

gracie is constantly learning new sounds -- by now she is babbling and singing a little bit, but earlier in the summer she learned how to snort. here she is in her swing, exploring her new sounds!

one of gracie's favoritest games is to play "scarfie" with daddy. she especially loved this game when she was still immobile and could only play with objects directly near her -- so to have someone throw something up in the air, down over her face, and back up again while talking to her and smiling at her, well, that was just the best thing EVER for her! i think we have a few videos of gracie playing scarfie with daddy, so here's yet another from the summer.

it's very important to the both of us that gracie grows up to appreciate music. that's why i sang during my pregnancy and why we are always playing music in the house (mostly bluegrass cuz i kinda have this fantasy of us someday being like the judds -- i'll play the guitar and sing harmony, and she can play the fiddle and sing the melody. is that totally dumb? i hope not!) anyway, oma and opa have this old keyboard in their house, and someone brought it up from the basement one day, and gracie loved playing it whenever she could get her hands on it. here she is making pretty music with momma on a peaceful summer afternoon.

during the summer we spent a little time in minnesota, seeing my side of the family and introducing gracie to her 2nd cousins, her aunts and uncles, and her great-gramma. we stayed with my uncle steve and aunt rachael, who have a pool in their backyard. it was pretty chilly to swim in because they had just filled it up a few days before we arrived, but that didn't stop us from enjoying it anyway! here's a short video of gracie and daddy floating in the pool.

you know from previous videos that gracie really likes her bathtime. here in this clip we are playing in the tub after a day of splashing in the pool. her mema and auntie teresa are there with us too. the game we're playing here is squirting some water in her face with her little bathtime toys -- her favorite is the purple walrus buddy. most kids i would think would not like water squirted in her face, but it's kinda' extreme, so of course gracie likes it. (strangely enough, though, she doesn't like the bucket of water poured over her head to rinse her hair. that's not so much fun for her. but a little squirted into her eyes is UBER fun!)

i found gracie a saucer at a garage sale this summer, and she really liked to work in it whenever she could. it gave her a new perspective on the world to be able to stand straight up while she was playing with her books and toys and teething rings and pretty much anything she could get her hands on. here's one video, and here's another video that show her having a good time in her saucer!

our little adventurer didn't sit still for long -- as soon as she figured out how to roll over and sit up, that's all she wanted to do. so of course, crawling wasn't far behind. in this video she is working on getting up onto her knees, which means it was only a matter of time before she was cruising around on all fours. (which she's totally doing now, by the way. but that's another video to be posted later...)

and lastly, here's a video of our doodlebug hanging out at home here in hengelo. i had just gone to ikea a few days before to get her an area rug on which to play (our floors are all hardwood, and we didn't think that would be very cozy to play on all the time). anyway, she is really scooching around in this clip -- not crawling forward quite yet, but moving backwards and sideways pretty well. especially on the slippery floors that we have! it's like sliding on your socks, but way more fun cuz it's your whole body. but anyway, this is gracie and her daddy playing together, scooching around on the floor, and having some nice one-on-one time.

so, enjoy! we're going to try to post another batch of clips very soon -- hopefully next week, so stay tuned! (and if you're interested, you can always just subscribe to our "channel" on youtube -- we are adbriggle. there should be a way for you to subscribe to our channel, so that when new videos are uploaded you can see them there first instead of waiting for us to do it on our blog. does that make sense? give it a try and let us know what you think!)

love you!

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