Sunday, October 19, 2008


loyal followers of this blog will know that i've been fortunate enough to sample the various teahouses in the lovely twente countryside. my dear friends, jolanda and mariska, whom i know from my time working at that sucky callcenter, have joined me on each occasion. and, on each occasion, we have had a marvelous time, just talking, drinking tea, and eating WAY too many sweet things.

we have been to two other teahouses in the area -- the first one was incredible, the second one rather disappointing, and this third one was absolutely delightful. it was this beautiful, twente-style farmhouse with a thatched roof and a lovely garden. the property bordered a pasture where cows lazed in the hazy, misty sunshine, and the autumn trees were just beginning to change. it was like god sneezed a little color on them -- just the slightest tinge of yellows and reds on the tips of the leaves. so pretty!

jolanda picked me up near my house and we drove about 40 minutes west along the speedway. (on the way home, we took the scenic route so we could enjoy the fall colors as we rambled through the cutest little dutch villages.) there we met mariska, who is 6 months pregnant with twins (a boy AND a girl! what a blessing!). we all laughed because at the last two teahouses i've been pregnant, and now this time she is the one who is pregnant! will jolanda be next?

because the day was BEAUTIFUL and sunny and just a little crisp, we were happy to sit outside in the garden. the hoestinkhof, as this place is called, also had a little pension there, and i took some time to explore the grounds and take some pictures of the flowers and clogs and trees. there were numerous original sculptures there, scattered throughout the gardens, resting under trees and accenting blooming bushes, and they were all for sale too. it would have been a nice souvenir to take home with me to remember this outing, but i decided that a couple of hundred euros was a little too much for me, and chose to purchase a bag of loose-leaf tea at their teashop instead. (i picked out this delectable black tea with caramel -- omg i love it!)

we all agreed that this place was by far the prettiest teahouse we had been to -- the scenery was truly pastoral and the garden was well-maintained with lots of little surprises in every corner. AND the tea and the food were delicious. but we think the food at the first teahouse we went to was just a little better (we're STILL talking about the sandwiches they served at that first place, and it's nearly a year later!!), and i think that the tea selection at the first teahouse was more extensive, too. however, i would definitely go back to the hoestinkhof again -- the service was friendly, the food was great, and the scenery both inside and out was a pleasure.

it was such a treat to get out of the house for a couple of hours and to hang out with my girlfriends on a sunny saturday afternoon. thank you to adam for making it possible, and thank you also to mary grace who is SUCH a good girl that i can feel comfortable leaving her for such a long time. and a great big thank you to mariska and jolanda for being such good company and going to all these girly teahouses with me! yay!

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