Monday, October 06, 2008

it's wet!

we went to amsterdam this weekend, to see our friend valerie and to go to church. and it pretty much rained the whole time.

well, not the whole time. it was dry on saturday, but WINDY as hell, which made it really cold. but sunday it basically poured on us the entire day.

we met my friend, jenna, for pannekoeken before church. which took twice as long to get there cuz we were carrying our bags and pushing a stroller with one hand (the other hand was desperately clinging to an umbrella), while trying not to get knocked over by the wind and maneuvering around the countless puddles in the uneven, crowded, cobbled streets of amsterdam. so since we got there late, we ate late, and left late -- too late, in fact, to make it to church. no matter, since it was soooo wet and disgusting out that it would have just meant more time in the rain to get to church anyway.

but i wanted to share this picture with you, cuz it shows you how gracie stays dry during the crappy dutch north sea rainstorms that we get in the fall and winter (and in the spring and summer too). she's got this cool plastic shell that goes over her stroller and attaches by velcro, and it keeps her lekker droog during storms like these. i sure wish i had something like that, because my umbrella was pretty worthless with all the wind and both adam and i were SOAKED by the time we got back to the train station to go home! gross!

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