Thursday, October 02, 2008

i was there!

the following is an email i wrote to my mom describing my experience at mile high stadium in august, when barack obama gave his acceptance speech. seriously cool.

hi, ma.

omg, it was AMAAAAAAZING! we stood in line for about two hours before it even started to move.... but once we got going we were in our seats within a half hour. the line, when we got there, was over two miles long (!!!), but i refused to be grumpy about it. the weather was fine, the people were all really friendly, i had enough water in my bottle, and i absolutely did not want the camera crews on the street to see me complaining about being in line... i thought it could be used as republican propaganda! so i kept a happy face on, because after all, there were over 80,000 people all in one place who were planning on voting for barack obama!!! how could i be grumpy about that?!

(you can see the stadium in the distance. i actually had to walk CLOSER to the stadium from where i was originally at in line, in order to take this picture. the picture above was taken from inside the stadium, and shows the SEA of people still trying to get in at like 5:00 pm.)

our seats were WAAAAAY up there, so close to the fireworks in fact that i thought my hair was going to catch on fire when they shot them off! ha!

it was a really moving experience -- we were there when nancy pelosi called the meeting to order, and we saw/heard her pound her gavel. then shawn johnson, the gymnast, said the pledge of allegiance, and jennifer hudson sang the national anthem. there were a number of speakers, including bill richardson, the colorado gov bill ritter, virginia gov tim kaine, my favorite colorado congressman mark udall (from boulder, running for senate! yay!)... also AL FREAKING GORE was there (omg!!!) and gave a really great speech, very eloquent, poetic, funny, and scary (did you know that the polar ice caps will be completely melted in the summer months during the next president's FIRST TERM IN OFFICE?!). there was music by sheryl crow, stevie wonder, and, and several really good speeches by random joes (my favorite was the lady from north carolina). joe biden was there, of course, and after they showed a sweet video of obama, he just walked right out on stage and none of us would shut up for like five whole minutes!

it was a BEAUTIFUL speech, ma, i hope you got a chance to hear it. (if you didn't, you can go to his website, and there will be a link on his site so you can see the whole thing.) i realize, ma, that this election isn't about him. and it's not even about ME.... it's about GRACIE! the things i want for her, HE wants for her too! he wants to make college affordable for every american child who wants to attend. he wants to invest 150 BILLION dollars into green energy technologies -- creating american jobs and a cleaner, safer planet for all of us. he wants to create jobs here, and stop the war, and make health care affordable for everyone. these are things i want for my daughter, and i feel like voting for obama is going to give gracie a brighter and happier and safer future. and when he speaks, mom, i really REALLY believe that he can do these things. he is so sincere! he is sooo passionate and so altruistic, and i just know in my heart that he will be an amazing commander in chief. i will seriously cry if he loses the election. omg, what a SAD day for america that would be!

we had a really moving time there. it was definitely one of the best experiences of my life. i mean, to be there at any presidential acceptance speech -- but to be at THIS one!!! on the 45th anniversary of dr. king's 'i have a dream speech'! (and you know what? litereally every african-american that rae and i saw was DRESSED UP!!! like they were going to a wedding!!! beautiful hats, high heeled shoes, gorgeous dresses, men in ties... and it was 85 degrees out there! they looked GOOD. i felt self-conscious in my capris and tank top!) it was incredible. i wish i could express what an awesome experience it was, but you just had to BE there.

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