Tuesday, October 21, 2008


one of the nicknames adam has bestowed upon his favorite daughter is "busybee." why, you may ask? well, watch this video to fully understand.

THIS is why i never have time to blog anymore, and why it takes me weeks at a time before i finally get around to uploading videos and pictures to send to you all. AND probably the number two reason i've lost all the baby weight.

it's three minutes of exhaustion. seriously! i bet you feel tired after watching this!

she's SOOOO much fun!


Carol n Rich said...

omg- how'd she get so big already??!! she's such a cutie!

Mariner said...

Wow, Gracie is running amok. I hope she doesn't break anything. Maybe her first word will be "Uh-Oh" Or maybe she'll just start writing songs right away.

teresa said...

cutest. ever.

Queen E said...

Holy smokes, she's big and gettin' around! I also watched that video of her that somehow has 709 views--it's about from the time we all traveled together at the beginning of the summer, but it's amazing how tiny she is in it!

I also like the little snort sound she makes at the end of the busy video.... too cute.

Anonymous said...

You are the best crawler and paper-tearer we know. Way to be!! Looks like you enjoy the train a lot too. Aren't they fun to ride!!?
Oma and Opa