Monday, September 08, 2008

family reunion

what? where did summer go?

allll summer long i've been intending on blogging, to keep you, loyal reader, informed of the latest gracie stories and briggle adventures. but we were just having WAY too much fun in americaland, with all the burritos, breakfast buffets, and beautiful weather, that i just didn't really take much time (or, like, ANY time) to update the blog.

um, sorry about that.

so, from what i can remember, this is what i did at my family reunion in july.

my mom's side of the family is hella huge. like i have i think 19 cousins, but maybe i'm forgetting a few. we're just ginormous. a "small" gathering is "only" 30 people. and i loooove these gatherings. it breaks my heart that the last two years i've missed out on christmas at gramma's house, with the big ol' pile of shoes and kitchen full of food. so this summer, i asked if people would be interested in getting all together for a pool party at uncle steve's house, so that they could meet gracie and i could get my family fix.

and, true to form, everyone agreed it was a great idea.

so we all got together on the first saturday that i was back in the minneapolis area (where my mom's family lives), and we grilled out and drank beer and ate way too much food (my god, how many desserts does one family need?!), and had a great time. and gracie, like the good girl she is, totally didn't mind that there were a zillion people who all wanted a piece of her. she just got passed from person to person to person, watching people splash in the pool and enjoying all the activity taking place right before her eyes. a real natural when it comes to these family reunions! (just like her momma, of course!)

the pool had just been filled up that morning, so it was ICE COLD, but that didn't stop most people from doing cannonballs and having diving contests. those hearty minnesotans! a little cold water isn't going to keep them from having a good time! :-)

i think the most special thing for me, though, was that gracie got to meet my brother, her uncle sean, and aunt adrienne, sean's partner. and she of course got to spend some time with her only great-grandparent, great-gramma jo. how incredible that my daughter has a great gramma! what a blessing that *I* have a grandmother!

so yeah, that's about it. don't know why it took me three months to write about that, but there it is. i just wanted to record it for posterity, i guess. it was a wonderful time, a great way to introduce gracie to the family. i am grateful!

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