Tuesday, September 09, 2008

the best day EVER!

omg, i have to tell you all about our best day ever.

gracie SLEPT THRU THE NIGHT all by her big-girl self in her big-girl bed. this is the first time she's done that since before we left for the usa in june. she made it all the way until 7:30, before adam woke up and tried sneaking downstairs to get some work done, but he heard her kicking in there and peeked in and she was just playing and looking around all by herself. what a big girl!

so i woke up to the sounds of her laughing with adam, as she was getting her very-full diaper changed. nice.

we had a good morning: adam rode his bike to work and gracie and i had a nice breakfast in the sunshine in the dining room. then it was time for a nap at 9:00 and she went to sleep right away and seriously slept until about 10:40 or so. so after she woke up from her very good nap, she got dressed in a super cute dress and tights and pink sweater, and we hit the town. first stop: the bike store.

we bought a hot-pink bicycle seat and windshield for her. in holland, many of the bike seats sit in the front of the bike, and mount on the steering column. so i got one of those, and tried setting it up right away, but i couldn't quite figure it out and the day was nice so i put it down and we did something else.

we went next to the bakery and talked in dutch to the nice lady there with the short dark hair and the cool schoolmarm glasses. we got a loaf of bread, a sandwich for my lunch, and a hard roll for her to gum on. then we walked over to the nice park by the train station, and we noticed that the flower garden was finally finished with the improvements/construction they had been doing. (when we left in june, it was all dug up with big tractors and stuff sitting in the middle of it. not nice.) there were all these beautiful rose bushes that had been planted, and soft, green grass, and lovely little benches. so we parked in the bright, hot sunshine and had some lunch there.

afterwards we took about a gazillion million trabillion pictures of gracie in the rose garden (OH!), and practiced our crawling in the grass.

this is what i've always wanted to do with my daughter, when i imagined her before she was born: to have a picnic in a rose garden and we're both wearing pretty dresses. it was soooo wonderful!

after all of that we went over to the duck pond and shared the rest of her hard roll with the duckies. she was getting pretty tired so she wasn't crazyexcited about them, but she definitely noticed them and just watched them pretty intently.

but before we went home, we decided to go over to the health food store and get some sweet potatoes. so we took the long way there, passing by an elementary school where the little kids were outside playing. and we got to the health food store (natuurwinkel), and i saw my dutch friend there who always asks me about obama. i gave him an extra obama button that i had, and he LAUGHED pretty loud. turns out he's an anarchist! ha! he thought it was HILARIOUS that he, this hard-core anarchist, was now in possession of an american political pin. he had to show it to all of his coworkers in the store, who also got a good chuckle out of it. had i known he was an anarchist, i probably would have given the button to someone who would actually wear it. but, i think it's still funny, and i'm glad i left him a little souvenir from his american friend to remember me by.

okay, so at the natuurwinkel we got some sweet potatoes, organic bananas, some rice cakes, and these dried mango slices for gracie to chew on. she can't really eat them, but she likes to suck on them and chew on them! i heard her sucking on one as i was doing the dishes and she seriously was all, 'mmmm!' ha!

then home at about 1:30 or so, and she took another great nap, this time for about an hour. when she woke up we pretty much played until daddy got home. and then when daddy got home, he took off again right away because there was this xylophone that we purchased on the dutch version of ebay (http://www.marktplats.nl/) and he rode his bike out to this person's house and picked it up and brought it home right before we all sat down to dinner.
and THEN we had dinner. we had salads, and gracie had beans and cereal and a banana. and then daddy and gracie played with the new xylophone and i went downstairs to finish setting up the bike seat (i got it figured out! woohoo!), and came back inside to put her down to bed. and she fell asleep easily, and adam and i came downstairs to watch some tv and eat some chili (our second dinner), and now it's almost time for bed.

and it was seriously the best day ever! sunshine, roses, and a little girl wearing a pretty dress! and if i wouldn't have run out of batteries on my camera, i'd totally post more pictures. but these are the three best of the gajillion that i took.

love to you all! hope your days go as beautifully as our was!


teresa said...

I love reading about this, and seeing her beautiful pics! Much love to you 3!

Hortman said...

Me too! Me too!

Anonymous said...

Me too! Me too! Bob F.