Saturday, August 23, 2008



i get to go to the obama acceptance speech at mile high stadium on thursday!

i've been checking the website three times a day for the last several weeks, waiting for news about how i can sign up for tickets. but i never got one. the obama campaign wanted to give a lot of the tickets to people who have volunteered for them. and since i've been busy all summer travelling and taking care of a baby, i haven't had an opportunity to help out. so i didn't get a ticket. sad!

but rae has been fired up about obama for the better part of a year now, so when the chance came for her to do something to help him get elected, she was right on board! and when the obama office in colorado springs got a bunch of "community credentials" to hand out, rae was one of the lucky recipients!

now, adam and bob are both obama fans too, but neither one was as fired up as i was about going to obama's speech. (i had been talking for weeks about "tailgating" at mile high, and listening from outside the stadium -- no one else was very excited about that idea, but i was determined to be there one way or another!) so anyway, rae got two tickets, and since bob and adam weren't as excited as i was, they both graciously stepped aside and let me take the second ticket.


so on thursday, rae and i are heading up to denver, and we're going to be sitting waaaaay up high in the nosebleeds, but it soooo doesn't matter! we're going to head up there as soon as we can -- doors open at 1:00 pm -- and enjoy the "entertainment" that is going to be there. (who will they have? bruce springsteen? sheryl crow? oprah? maybe she'll leave us something fun under our seats -- like the keys to a new prius or a pair of crocs or something else equally hippy dippy liberal. niiice.)

so look for us on tv -- we'll be the overly excitable girls sitting way up top, sunburned and tired, and a part of history!

also, i was thinking that obama and biden need a hollywood nickname, like "brangelina," "bennifer," and "tomkat." so which one do you like better: "obiden" or "jobama"?


Valerie said...

jobama... definitely!

heidianne said...

I DEFINITELY vote for jobama! ;) was the speech experience?!?!?! :)