Saturday, August 09, 2008


it's been a week of firsts for miss mary grace briggle!

a day before she turned 6 months old, she finally cut her first tooth! the front tooth on her bottom left popped through -- it was just a sharp little corner on the first day, but then the next day it cut through all the way and was a sharp ridge all the way across the top of the tooth. our little girl is so big already!

the other big news is that she has been eating solid foods for about a week now. initially we wanted to wait to introduce solids, because our pediatrician said that breast-fed babies should wait longer than formula-fed babies. this is because apparently once a baby starts on solids, she starts to lose some of the bacteria and enzymes in her digestive tract that helps her efficiently digest breastmilk. and since breastmilk is best for babies, she said it's best to wait until baby is about 8 months old or so before introducing solids, just to make sure she's getting the most breastmilk possible before she loses this "bacteria household" as she calls it.

our pediatric nurse, on the other hand, said that between 5 and 7 months is a good time to introduce solids. so we also had that recommendation in the backs of our minds.

anyway, mg has been waking up in the middle of the night for about a month now. initially we thought it was from teething (and sometimes we really think that's what was bothering her). but after a while, we started to notice that just giving her a binky to suck on at night wasn't satisfying her, and she could only go back to sleep if she was nursing. so we put two and two together and realized that maybe she was getting HUNGRY in the night!

additionally, gracie was getting SO FRUSTRATED with us when we'd all sit down to eat, and she could only watch. she REALLLLLY wanted to eat with us, and she'd fuss if we ate in front of her and she couldn't have any. she'd study us intently as we brought glasses of water to our mouths, and would reach for our spoons as we ate our lunches. in fact, i sat down next to her recently one morning, intending on keeping her company while i ate my breakfast. and seriously, the moment i sat down in front of her, and put a spoonful of flakes into my mouth, she looked at me and went "eh eh eh waaah!" ha! so i had to go eat outside where i wouldn't be teasing her with my delicious food.

(look at her concentrate on this cracker! -- that's not her "icky" look, that's her concentration look. i do the same thing, in fact, when i am focusing on something -- the furrowed brow. anyway, we went out to eat with my gramma and gracie was so pissed off that we all had food and she could only sit there and watch. before i knew what was happening, my mom had given her a cracker to gum on. i was all, "oh no! there's wheat in that! she's going to die of an allergic reaction!" but sure enough, she was just fine, and sat quietly the rest of our brunch, cuz she was so involved in chewing up this cracker! she's so big she doesn't need me anymore! waaah! that's when we knew it was time to get some rice cereal for her and make solid foods a regular part of her day.)

anyway, she's basically been telling us that she's ready. so we accepted the fact that gracie is growing up and went out to the store and bought some rice cereal and bananas. and she gobbled up every first bite we gave her. like a pro! she didn't gum it up and spit it out -- she swallowed every bit of food! what a big girl!

yesterday i ordered this cool food grinder so i can make homemade baby food. my mom had this very same model when i was a baby, and used it also for my two younger brothers. (and if it's still on the market after thirty years it must be a good device.) basically the baby eats whatever it is you are eating for dinner that night -- chicken and dumplings, rice and green beans, sweet potatoes, whatever... you just put it in this grinder, which is hand-powered and about the size of a large drinking glass, and turn the crank, and out of the bottom comes hand-pureed baby food! no jars, no extra expense, and wholesome, fresh, preservative-free food! hooray! i'm so excited to get it in the mail cuz gracie is already starting to get bored with her cereal. it's time to introduce some more foods and get her interested in fresh veggies!

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Queen E said...

Yippee, how exciting! I can't believe how big she's getting. In the one photo with Adam, Gracie, you and your cousin's baby, Gracie looks like she's nearly as tall as Adam.