Friday, August 08, 2008

briggle family reunion

ohmygoodness, i have sooo much to blog about! i have had simply no time whatsoever this summer, with all the visiting we've been doing with our families in colorado, minnesota, nebraska, and wisconsin!

so it was seriously over a month ago -- maybe even 6 weeks ago -- that this event that i'm blogging about now happened. i can hardly believe how time has flown by this summer!

anyway, what i wanted to write about today was our briggle family reunion that occurred along with bob and rae's surprise party. the last time a whole big group of us briggles had gotten together was waaaay back in 2001 when adam and i got married. so it was especially wonderful that so many people could come out for a gathering once again!

all of this was prompted by adam's parents' surprise anniversary party, but of course bob and rae had no idea what was going on (cuz we're sly like that!). when we got off the plane in denver in june, home for our visit, the folks told us that pete and judy (bob's sister and brother in law), and ed and kim (bob's brother and sister in law) were all "coincidentally" coming to town at the same time. "well isn't that the strangest thing?" i jokingly asked, knowing full well why everyone was converging at the same time.

the thursday before the party, everyone arrived at the house, and of course they all oohed and aahed over mary grace. the next couple of days were busy and full, dining out and catching up.

then the big day of the party arrived, and everyone was sooooo helpful when it came to distracting bob and rae so we could get everything set up. and it was such a success! it was so amazing to see everyone all in one place at the same time -- ken and mary meyer drove all the way from nebraska, just for the party! and don and mari mcdavid, along with great-aunt alice who is 94 years old, made the trek down the mountain to be in attendance as well! what wonderful family we have!
fortunately, everyone was able to stay one more night in town before flying out the next day, so we had yet another opportunity to spend some time with each other before we all scattered ourselves across the country again. if i remember correctly, everyone was staying at the same hotel, so we met up with the whole gang the next morning for breakfast (ooooh, i love american breakfast!).

afterwards, some people had to leave, but the rest of us all hung out for the early afternoon since their flights weren't leaving until later in the day. so we went to old colorado city and walked through the pretty tree-lined streets, popping into boutiques every now and then to look for souvenirs and pretty baby items. i walked out of one boutique wearing this beautiful green and gold silk dress, that aunts kim and judy were kind enough to buy for me. (at first i told them that i couldn't try on the dress, cuz i couldn't afford it, and i knew that if i tried it on i would never take it off again because it was so beautiful. and sure enough, kim pressured me into getting my butt into that dressing room and trying on that beautiful dress, and when i walked out, she and judy got out their wallets to pay for the dress! cuz i said i wasn't taking it off, and they believed me! i wore it right out of the store it was so beautiful! thanks, judy and kim! i love my new pretty dress!)

oh, and we went to the rocky mountain chocolate factory and tried a chocolate-covered jalapeno. i wasn't so sure about it, but adam really enjoyed it.

it's so wonderful to have such a loving and generous family like the briggles. i feel incredibly blessed to have married into a family such as this! i hope it's not another seven years before we all get together again!

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