Sunday, July 13, 2008


here's the latest batch of videos for you all to enjoy!

in this video, gracie and her opa bob are taking a nice little nap on the living room floor. we had only been back in colorado springs for a few short days when opa took advantage of baby naptime -- he must have been looking forward to it for a few months! very quiet, very peaceful. i like this video a lot.

gracie is laughing SO HARD in this video that she is practically screaming! though she has been able to laugh for the past few months or so, it has been only recently that she laughs at predictable things. before it was like an involuntary reaction of her belly and throat, but now she's REALLY starting to get into it! this video is so much fun!

now in this clip gracie is just hanging out on the floor and talking to herself while the rest of us are hanging out. there's really not a lot going on here, but it gives you an idea of what our lazy afternoons are like here in colorado springs.

(oh yeah, ps, we're in colorado springs now for the summer. i'll tell you all about that in another blog post.)

when gracie gets sleepy, she starts to get the hiccups. here in this video she is sitting with us at the dinner table, at the end of the day. during dinnertime, she sits in her swing and looks at us while we all eat. then afterwards we all hang out around the table and take turns holding her before she goes to sleep. and since she has the hiccups here, you can tell it's almost time for bed!

yesterday, i went out to target to get gracie a pool since it's been so hot here lately. but the pool had a leak in it already, and the video camera wasn't working yesterday -- so opa and daddy brought the pool back and got a new one, and i fixed the camera, and today we did it all over again. here is gracie in her pool today! the magic of the internet that she can splash this afternoon and you can all see it this evening!

after gracie played in her pool today, daddy took her inside to dry her off. while he was doing that, she apparently rolled over from her back to her front! for the first time ever! and i MISSED it! aaargh! she has been able to roll from front to back since father's day (that was her present to adam that day), but i've never seen her roll from back to front! anyway, by the time i got the camera out, she was all done rolling over and just pretty much laid there. but it's a cute video anyway of her hanging out on the floor buck naked!

two of gracie's favorite things in the world are her daddy and her cool see-through scarf that we found at a boutique near our house in hengelo. so put them together, and she is in hog heaven! watch this to see her laughing, kicking, and squirming around! (sometimes i don't know who is cuter: gracie when she's laughing, or adam's funny faces when he's playing with her! he's such a good daddy!) this scarf that she's playing with is one of her favorite toys, by the way... she can chew on it, wrap herself up in it, shade herself from the sun with it, and it's a good way to start warming up to playing "peekaboo." because the "normal" way to play peekaboo now isn't very much fun for her -- if we hide our faces for too long, she loses interest and starts looking at something else instead. and if we cover her face, then she gets all scared and claustrophobic. so the see-through scarf we have is just perfect because she can still see what's going on, but she feels the texture of the fabric against her skin while seeing all the colors change as the scarf lifts away from her!

on gracie's first fourth of july, we went to the "high noon longhorn downtown cattle drive." the title pretty much sums it up. there were about 100 head of cattle that were herded right down tejon street (downtown) in colorado springs. it seemed like the perfect activity to do out west on the fourth of july, and we all thought gracie would just love it. but it was like a zillion degrees outside, one of the hottest days we've had yet, and gracie was just uncomfortable and tired and pretty much was cranky the whole time. anyway, we did get a video clip of the cattle drive, complete with authentic cowboys on horseback. i thought it was fun! too bad gracie didn't agree with me... :-)

and finally, this fun video has all the good stuff: it starts out in the morning with gracie playing on the floor in bob and rae's room, and bob is playing the guitar for her. gracie was singing along, making motorboat sounds, and enjoying herself fully. and later in the video, adam and matt are playing with her and she's laughing. she gets all sorts attention at opa and oma's house!

well, that's all i have for now. this should be enough to last you for a few more weeks before i put more stuff on there. let me know what you think!

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