Monday, July 14, 2008

our trip to colorado

we came "home" to colorado almost a month ago, if you can believe it. where did the summer go already?

we flew back to CO on june 19, and had a god-awful time in london heathrow trying to make our connection due to a last-minute gate change, and the bus driver dropping us off LITERALLY in the middle of the tarmac and making us haul our bags to the top of the stairwell, and then after we got to the top telling us that we had to come back down again and go somewhere else. ugh, we hate heathrow. something like that ALWAYS happens when we fly through london. but gracie, swear to god, was a total angel from the time we woke her up at 4:15 in the morning in holland, until literally 24 hours later when we got to colorado springs. she never cried at all on the plane (even all the flight attendants kept telling us what a great baby she was!), and with the exception of a GINORMOUS poop at 35,000 feet (which required a change of clothes and about a hundred wet wipes), it was a pretty good trip. she finally melted down with about 20 minutes left in the car on the final leg home, but who can blame her? even *i* was tired and spent from the international flight!

she wasn't even the least bit jet lagged that night, or the next day, and has adjusted very well to the time difference, dry air, hotter temperatures, and higher altitude. she is soooo easy going! i have noticed that she's a bit thirstier than usual, so we've been working with a sippy cup this summer. (she doesn't drink water out of a bottle because she keeps expecting it to be milk. so she'll suck on it, but when water comes out and surprises her taste buds like that, she spits it out. but we don't have that problem with the sippy cup.) we have had a difficult time, though, getting her to sleep through the night now that she's teething (ugh!) -- but all she needs is for the "binky" to be put back in her mouth and then she'll almost always fall back to sleep. and since we're all sharing the same bedroom together, it's not terribly difficult to roll out of bed and walk four or five steps to her crib to fix it. so it's not that bad. but still, we miss our full-nights of sleep! gracie totally spoiled us because at 9 weeks old she was sleeping through the night! where did those days go?! we want them back!!!

adam and i have been hitting the gym a lot. we've been taking turns -- he'll often go earlier in the day with his dad, and i'll go later in the morning to either yoga, pilates, or once in a while i do this really fun water aerobics class with all the blue-haired old ladies, and we listen to motley crue, and the instructor was a competitor on american gladiators but i didn't find that out until after class when my father in law asked me if she "crushed" me in class. ha! i've been able to get down to the gym about 4 or 5 times a week, and since i'm not eating all that amazing dutch cheese, or drinking those heavy belgian beers, or eating all that wonderful european bread, i've been able to drop a few pounds already since i've gotten here! now if i can just lay off the chinese food, pizza, and burritos! then i'll be set! :-)

we're having someone stay in our house in hengelo while we're away -- a new student in adam's department. he's from hong kong, and moved here a few days after we left for the usa. he was looking for a place to live, and was having a hard time finding a place, so we invited him to housesit for us while we're gone, which also gives him a nice home base for apartment hunting on his own. so far it seems to be a good arrangement, and it sounds like he's enjoying his time in hengelo.

all in all, we're having a great time. lots of good food, fun music (oh how i've missed tom petty, the doors, pink floyd, led zeppelin, bonnie raitt, neil young, dave matthews, i could go on but you get the point... all stuff i don't hear that often in holland!), sunshine, fresh air, playing cards in the evenings with adam's family, watching the tour de france, just RELAXING. it's soooo good. i can't believe we've been here already for one month! where has the time gone, when we've done nothing at all?

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