Sunday, June 22, 2008


wow! soooo many videos for you to enjoy!

i know it's been a while since we've posted much here -- we've been busy travelling and haven't had much time in front of a computer. but, all good things are worth waiting for. so to satisfy your patience, dear fans and readers, i'm posting like a brazillion videos here. i hope it was worth the wait!

this first video is a very short clip of gracie during a diaper change. she has been doing these motorboat sounds for the past few weeks, and adam tried getting a snapshot of it cuz it's so freaking cute. but gracie has this funnyannoying habit of stopping whatever she's doing as soon as you pull out the camera. so in this video she's doing the motorboat sound for the first 3 seconds, and then she sees that the camera is out, so she stops it and looks at the camera and doesn't do anything else. i suppose it's only a matter of time before she's totally hamming it up in front of the camera, so this is probably going to be a pretty rare video of her.

this video and this video are both of gracie playing in the morning. one is just her, and one is her with the church bells ringing in the background. every morning after she gets a diaper and eats a little something, she comes downstairs and kicks and plays for a while. this gives us time to eat our breakfasts, check our email, get dressed, etc. and it's good for her to kick and move her body after sleeping for so long. it's a nice morning ritual that we've worked out between the three of us.

every night as she gets ready for bed, adam changes her diaper and plays with her on the changing table. and then i come in and nurse her until she falls asleep. here is a clip of her playing with daddy for a few more minutes before it's finally time to go to sleep.

and in case that last video of us playing kissy face wasn't enough for you, here is 15 seconds of more of that good stuff.

gracie loves her bathtime. like LOVES her bathtime! here's a short video of her kicking and splashing up a storm in our hotel room when we were in athens earlier this month. notice how at one point she is splashing so hard, that she gets a face full of soap and water and it fills up her eyes and nose for a moment. but, unlike some babies, she doesn't fuss and cry. she just kinda slows down for a second until the soap clears out of her face and then keeps going. this is SO TYPICAL of gracie's personality -- very energetic, very playful, and very brave and easy going. she's so cool!

it's difficult to get out of the house to exercise with an infant who is still so young. so occasionally gracie and i get will put on some african music, and i'll bounce around in the living room with her. it's amazing what a good workout i can get just by dancing around with 20 pounds strapped to me! here she is bouncing with me as adam holds the camera. sorry this video is so shaky, but adam was bouncing next to me too. since gracie was laughing so hard at the situation (bouncing with me while simultaneously watching her daddy bounce), adam wasn't relaly watching what he was doing with the camera. he was looking at gracie instead. so that's why the video is all shaky!

this final video is one of my favorites: gracie and i are playing on the floor and she is busy talking and making her motorboat sounds. she's so active that we try to do some tummy time at the end of the video, because she has just recently learned to turn over and we were hoping that if we put her on her tummy she might flip for all of you. but she didn't. maybe next time!

whew! good stuff! i hope you enjoy all of these!

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