Monday, June 16, 2008

consultatieburo, month 3

may 19, 2008:

hi, all. just back from the consultatieburo and here's the scoop on our day so far:

gracie for some reason woke up last night about 3:45 a.m. and it took us FOREVER to get her back to sleep. not like her at all! she sleeps through the night 95% of the time, so we were not really expecting that. she finally fell asleep sometime after the sun got up (maybe about 5:30?) and slept until 8:30 this morning. she's been in a good mood, very playful and giggly, and has eaten well all day.

we took her to the consultatieburo by taking the bus out there around 1:00. we had her weighed (almost 7.9 kilos/17.4 lbs -- she was 6.5 kilos/14 lbs last month -- and she has doubled her birthweight, which babies are supposed to do by the time they are about 4 months old i think) and measured (66 cm/26 inches -- last time she was 61 cm i think? so she's grown another couple of inches since then), and the doctor saw us this time (last time it was the nurse). she is such a great doctor, she really took her time answering all of our questions and i didn't feel rushed at all. i remember that when we first went to the consultatieburo, we saw the same doctor, and i remember thinking as we left how happy i was with her, and how glad i was that she was in charge of our baby's health. she's just wonderful! she even had the kindness to re-examine our chart to talk to adam about his work. (we were talking about how gracie notices EVERYTHING, and really takes it all in, and the doctor said something like "just like her parents, huh?" and adam said "well, more like her mother. i don't notice as many things as amber does." and at that moment the dr. checked the chart nonchalantly and saw that adam was a philosopher at the university, and said, "yes, but you are searching for things in your HEAD, while amber is searching for things with her EYES." it was very sweet and personable for her to do that.)

the dr, upon very first glance of our daughter, said that she looked very healthy and was glad to see she was so big and tubby and attentive. she said that mary grace is very good at engaging with other people and grabbing objects, and said that soon she will be noticing her hands a lot more, and that by 6 months old she will be putting almost everything in her mouth. she listened to her heart, felt the soft spot on her head, checked her hip joints, and examined the strength of her neck. all normal and healthy!

after our zillions of questions, and after the exam, the dr. prepared the inoculations for gracie. same as last time: DPTK (diptheria, polio, tetanus, and pertussis) and Hib (some sort of nasty flu virus that can cause meningitis and other bad things), and another one for Pneumococcus (another nasty virus that can cause meningitis, and i think inflammation of the pericardium, and other scary things). one shot in each leg. last time, i went alone and grace laid on the examining table during her shots, and she screamed and cried, and i screamed and cried, and it was all very traumatic and horrible for both of us. this time, however, adam came with, and i was able to hold gracie in my lap during her shots. she was NOT happy with the first one, but cried less for the second one, and as soon as it was over, she stopped crying entirely! what a brave girl she is! adam said he felt like he was going to faint from all of the drama in the room, but he did good. gracie and i are proud of him :-) she did SO MUCH BETTER this time around, and i was surprised at how UNtraumatized she was from all of this. it was so typical of her: as soon as the annoying/painful/upsetting event (whatever it is) has passed, she's back to smiling and giggling again. what a great kid!

we got her dressed again and caught the bus home, and were back in our neighborhood by 2:30. we went to the bakery and picked up some more diapers and a few other things at the drugstore downstairs, and then came home. gracie ate really well when we sat down on the couch, i had a lekker salmon sandwich for lunch, and now she's playing on the floor, kicking those tender legs around and grabbing at her dangling toys. she's in a great mood! it will be naptime soon, and tonight we'll give her a nice, warm bath before bed, to help relax those sore muscles in her legs.

so, that's the scoop. she's growing, she's healthy, and she's happy. we are blessed!

love,amber, adam, and mary grace

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