Sunday, May 11, 2008

twickel picnic

the last couple of weeks have just been GORGEOUS, so the three of us have been on a lot of picnics and walks lately. recently we went to twickel castle in the nearby village of delden, to enjoy the sunshiney warmth of springtime. it was one of the first really nice days of the year, so the castle grounds were a popular place for a lot of families to go on their sunday strolls.

the last several times we have been to twickel, we have stayed close to the castle or explored the beautiful manicured gardens adjacent to it. but this time we wandered through the woods, over creeks, across green pastures, and along gravel roads. it was just lovely.

we found a bench to sit on in the sunshine, that gave us a good view of the castle in the distance. couples would walk by with their dogs, their grandparents, their children, and everyone would stop and take a good look at gracie. (and who can blame them, really?)

we ate bruschetta, strawberries, and wine, and gently cuddled with miss gracie as she tried to sleep. she was having a difficult time napping in the stroller and pretty much cried the entire way from the delden train station all the way out to the castle before we decided to put her in the sling. we very recently discovered that sometimes that is the only way she will nap, especially when she's out and about. she really just wants to LOOK all the time! (she was born with her eyes wide open, after all.) if we're out of the house, she refuses to sleep, because she's afraid that she's going to miss something important. but then she gets cranky because she wants to sleep, but she doesn't want to close her eyes and stop looking. even when she sleeps sometimes, you can see the tiniest little sliver of her eye open, as if she's still trying to look even when asleep. when we went on this picnic a few weeks ago, we hadn't yet discovered the beauty and magic of the sling, but once we threw her in there on this picnic, she fell immediately asleep. thank goodness we brought it along! so ever since then, we have taken the sling with us everywhere... it's been a lifesaver on some of these recent trips we've taken to cologne and brussels! we can't go anywhere without it now!

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Nicole E. Barnes said...

It's so wonderful to feel that I can follow along as your beautiful Gracie grows and you two do your fabulous parental thing! It strikes me that Gracie probably likes being in the sling because that way she truly knows that you are *there* and only then can she fully relax to go to sleep. I mean, when you can't even walk it's pretty terrifying when your parents are not right by your side.... Just my thought. Thanks for the fabulous videos and photos and updates!