Monday, May 12, 2008

happy mother's day!

they actually celebrate mother's day in holland on the same day that it is celebrated in america. but even if they DIDN'T celebrate here, you can be sure that WE would have celebrated anyway! because it was my first mother's day ever! hooray!

we've been travelling a lot lately, to cologne, to brussels, to amsterdam, and soon enough we'll be going to greece, so i really wanted to just take it easy. and since the weather was nice, i wanted to do something outside. so we decided on going on a picnic in the volkspark in enschede.

we woke up around 7:00 in the morning, to lovely sunshine and an even lovelier girl. after nursing, snuggling, and changing her diaper, all three of us came downstairs to relax together. on sundays we treat ourselves to a cup of coffee, and while i was enjoying my big mug, adam and gracie gave me my mother's day present: one of those picture frames with two frames joined together. on one side there was a fingerpainted picture that said "gelukkig moederdag" (happy mother's day) and gracie's squashed green handprint right in the middle of it. and on the other side was this picture of her in her green hat. but typical of adam, the frame went vertical, but the picture is supposed to be horizontal. so the picture is sitting on its side, like this. we had to laugh at it because it's so typical of him to think of this whole present, and do all the prep work like getting the digital picture printed up, and getting the fingerpaint, and cleaning up gracie after they painted it together, and buying a nice frame... but then the frame is the wrong direction for the picture, and now it's sunday morning and the stores are closed so he can't get a different one, so "um... here you go, happy mother's day, honey!" i LOVE it!

after coffee and breakfast, we all got dressed and packed up for our picnic. we took the bus to enschede and for some reason the bus was free that day, so that was a nice present too. we got to the park by about 1:30 pm and found a nice spot in the shade by a duck pond. the park wasn't too busy that day, and the people who were there were primarily students out sunbathing and playing soccer together. we were actually surprised that there weren't more families out celebrating mother's day together, but we realized that as family-centric as the dutch are (especially here in twente), most people were probably celebrating with their grandmothers at some brunch or something.

we just relaxed in the shade, and gracie kicked in the grass and on the giant sheet that we packed. omg, she LOVED the trees! it was like a giant mobile for her (and she LOVES her mobile!). the fluttering leaves, the swaying branches, the glittering sunshine, all set against the blue sky... she was definitely entertained! we watched some ducks float past in the pond, and then studied them carefully as they walked past us to take a nap in the shade. we played a lot, and looked at the flowers, and took about a MILLION pictures of her in her pretty dress. this will almost certainly always and forever remain my favorite picture EVER in the whole universe: my beautiful daughter, laying in a field of tiny daisies, in a sunny park in holland on mother's day. it's divine. there is nothing greater than this in all the world!

we only stayed for a few hours, as the day was warm and we had our own mothers to call before they too headed out for their mother's day celebrations. gracie napped in the sling on the way home, and we ate leftovers for dinner (because i ain't cooking on mother's day!). :-)

it was the most wonderful, glorious, special day ever. happy happy mother's day!

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Valerie said...

Hey Amber,
The bus was free because of union activity. For the last few weeks they've driven for free on holidays (not mother's day but Pentecost was the reason though) to try to get the employers to change their minds on their offer for the new contract. If nothing happens from that (and it looks like it doesn't) they'll go on strike starting next wednesday.
Oh, and about why there weren't more families in the park for mother's day, is because the typical way to celebrate mother's day here, is to make mom breakfast in bed and give her a present... And nothing else. Older kids (who do't live at home anymore) might go visit their moms and bring her flowers or just give her a call.But that's generally all that happens.

Glad you had a wonderful first mother's day though!