Tuesday, April 15, 2008


it's time for the latest installment of gracieTV!

here is a 1-minute video of some tummy time with gracie. she and i had been playing on the floor for several minutes before this, so by the time i thought of pulling out the camera she was pretty much done with it all. it's been my experience that kids don't really enjoy tummy time all that much cuz they can't move or see as easily. but still, i think it's a good exercise to do to build up those neck and arm muscles. anyway, it's short, but still cute.

turn up the sound for this video of gracie sleeping. she's snoring! how adorable! later in the same video is a clip of her and daddy playing together. i think the cutest thing in THAT clip is how sweet adam's voice is when he's talking to her.

and this video is a clip of gracie and adam reading a book together. (thanks to the donaldsons for providing the book that they're reading here!) it's one of my favorites: "guess how much i love you" by sam mcbratney.

happy viewing, everyone!

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