Tuesday, April 22, 2008

a first!

every parent hopes to be present for his or her child's first milestones. first steps, first solid foods, first words. adam and i are both grateful that we were here for gracie's first laugh!

she has been cooing, giggling, and smiling at us for some time now. she giggles more often for adam than for me (probably because i spend so much time changing and feeding her, that when she's in a good mood i usually put her down so that i can change and feed myself -- therefore she gets to PLAY more often with her daddy than with me), so it's no surprise that her first real LAUGH -- a hearty, bubbly, jolly sound from deep in her belly -- was for her daddy. adam just walked over to her chair and stood over her making goofy faces, and out of the depths of her roly-poly tummy came the most hearty sound i have ever heard!

here is what adam wrote about it in an email to his dad:

You should have heard it yesterday - Gracie laughed for the first time...that is, more than just a quick "ha" as she has been doing for a while, but an actual extended giggle like a squeeling motor boat. It was infectious! It is so amazing to watch the development of a person- it was as if this was a new stage in her coming to self-consciousness, because it was not just the laugh, but her eyes behind the laugh betrayed an almost panicked but overjoyed sense of experience - of coming into awareness of the richness of the world. It seemed as though the laugh had taken hold of her and she was out of control - that the laughter was lifting her up as if on a bubble to a higher level of experience. It strikes me that our expressions of experience (e.g., laughter, speech, and other interactive gestures) are not just reactions to the world but that they simultaneously create the world...that is, that the world was not that funny until she laughed. I can't wait for you to see and hear her laugh - it is transformative.

what a happy little girl we have! we are so blessed!

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teresa said...

"our expressions of experience... are not just reactions to the world but that they simultaneously create the world" -- I love this quote!