Wednesday, March 19, 2008

opa bob and oma rae

recently rae and bob came back to holland to meet gracie. they were here in october 2006 just a few weeks after we had moved, so it was nice for us to be able to show them how our lives have progressed and changed in the 18 months we've been dutch residents. last time they were here, we were living in a dingy 2-room apartment on campus and could barely say more than "goodmorning," "thank you" and "two beers please." this time around was different: we have a beautiful home, we can speak significantly more dutch (but we still have a hard time conversing in that language), and most importantly, we have a baby!

they were able to come out for a whole week and stayed at the hotel around the corner , only about a 2 minute walk from their door to ours. we mostly spent our time at home snuggling with little mg, but we also took short walks around town, explored the market, and took a side trip to the beautiful hanseatic city of zutphen.

i was really nervous to take gracie all the way to zutphen. granted, it's only about 50 minutes on a direct train, but it seemed soooo far away! what will we do if she gets cranky? how am i going to feed her? won't we get too tired? but we went for it anyway, and like most things in life it totally worked out. we bought goodies at a little bonbon shop (i had the most delectable piece of lavender chocolate! oh!), walked through the historic city center, had a little lunch at a brewery, and found this cool statue where YOU get to be the statue! i think it must have been made for kids but i was just thin enough to slide about half of my body in there and stick my head up into the hole for the face. there were also holes for the hands, but i couldn't do both things at the same time, so i just did this much.

we were able to get in a couple of games of shanghai, our favorite card game. it obviously took longer with a baby (between hands we'd take turns burping her or changing her or finding her a binky, etc.) but we were still able to do it!

we are soooo grateful that opa bob and oma rae have the means and the time to come out here to see our lives and to meet their first grandbaby! we miss them already but know that we will see them in just a few months when we go home this summer -- we're already looking forward to it!

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