Tuesday, February 05, 2008

it's time!

we went to the midwives today, for the last time. i'm now 41 and 1/2 weeks pregnant, and if i haven't delivered by friday then i have to go to the hospital to make an appointment to be induced next week. that sucks. i've been working so hard to encourage spruitje to come out -- i've tried EVERYTHING, in fact: my gramma's bean soup (it worked to induce three labors in my family), spicy foods, herbs, acupuncture, power walks, gentle yoga, pineapple, meditation, bouncing on a big blue pilates ball, dancing to rusted root... everything. and nothing seemed to be helping. this lazy moocher just won't pack up and head south. it's terribly frustrating.

so at the midwife office today we asked her what our options were and what we needed to do from this point forward. she said that before we left her office, she would give us a letter to take to the hospital on friday, giving us permission essentially to be induced there eventually. NOT what i wanted to hear, but whatever. so i'm crying, and adam is asking her all sorts of questions like where to go in the hospital, what to bring with us, who to call, etc. and my mom is there rubbing my shoulders, and the midwife assistant is taking my blood pressure (which obviously was not good with all the stress), and i'm just praying for this child to be born so i can be NOT pregnant anymore and can finally hold the baby in my arms.

the midwife offered to strip my membranes for me. (for those of you who don't know, and i'll try to keep it as g-rated as possible, this is the procedure: she inserts her fingers "down there" and goes beyond the cervix. she then attempts to create a little space between the cervix and the amniotic sac, in order to stimulate the cervix into producing some more hormones, which helps it then to soften and dilate even further.) we tried to do this last week, with no success, because i wasn't even dilated a single damn centimeter. obviously that pissed me off pretty bad, so this week i wasn't getting my hopes up. but sure, i thought, let's try it again.

so she does this procedure, which is EXTREMELY painful, and it was successful! so successful, in fact, that as she withdrew from me, my water broke! hooray!

that was at 3:00 pm today. she said i have until 9:00 a.m. wednesday morning to deliver at home, and if i haven't pushed the baby out by then, then i'm supposed to go to the hospital to get the job finished there. "no need for you to have that letter now," she said. "your baby will be born tonight or tomorrow!" yay! so we came home, i packed the hospital bag, took a nap, watched some tv, meditated, made some phone calls, etc. adam and i took a walk this evening, too, which really seemed to help. the weather is pretty nasty here tonight, lots of rain and wind, but we found a HUGE underground parking garage, so we just did a bunch of laps down there as it was quiet and dry.

every time we finished a lap, adam would hand me my water bottle and i would take a drink. and just like that, my water would break some more. all in all, it broke 4 times. my pants were soaked, my shoes and socks were soggy, and adam was just staring in amazement that this was happening... in an underground parking garage in the netherlands, of all places! weird.

so now i'm just home, waiting for my contractions to begin. it's nearly 10:00 pm and i don't want to sleep cuz i'm so excited.

so that's the news. i guess i'm technically in labor, but it sure doesn't feel like it. part of me just can't believe this is actually happening, but i'm trying really hard to be present with this...

please pray for a safe and successful home delivery of our healthy and happy baby. spruitje is on the way as i type this. i'll have adam post something as soon as he can to announce baby's arrival. it might not be right away, but it will be soon. stay tuned!



Jeanne Lisbeth said...


teresa said...

oh! oh! you are loved, supported, and ready.
blessings on you, BB, adam, your mom, and the midwives. hooray!

Anonymous said...

I'm sitting here in Colorado, in awe of the whole process: your thorough preparations, all the help and guidance you have, and all the love from friends here, there and around the world. I'm sending you loving thoughts in hopes that you can breathe, relax and find a way to just enjoy the whole thing, at whatever pace spruitje feels comfortable with. Not that I have any experience with all this.... :-)

Wishing you and the family well.....


carolnrich said...

weird- i had a dream last night that i had a baby but had no contractions or labor pains ...

or maybe it's not that weird, considering that i've been thinking of you loads lately!!

good luck! can't wait for an update!

Valerie said...

I'm so so so excited!!!! Congratulations!!!
soooo glad Spruitje is finally here!

Nicole E. Barnes said...

Wooooowww!! I'm so excited for the three of you! And I can't believe that you're in labor and blogging. You never cease to amaze me, Amber. I am definitely praying for a safe and healthy home delivery!!! Lots of love.