Saturday, January 26, 2008

things i've learned while pregnant

1. beauty is not only a size 6.

2. i don't always have to control everything. sometimes stepping back and allowing the universe to unfold is the best (and only) thing that can be done.

3. teamwork always makes it more fun.

4. it's okay to take breaks.

5. wherever there is room for uncertainty, there is room for faith.

6. everything i've been taught about exercise, nutritious food, and drinking ample amounts of water is absolutely true.

7. it's okay to ask for help. no one will think i am being lazy.

8. shaved legs are overrated.

9. patience.

10. it's possible for my heart to contain more love and gratitude than there are stars in the universe.


SubtleKnife said...

hear! hear! to number 8.

It's winter, it's there to keep us warm! ;-)

carol said...

hey amber, just checking in again for the umpteenth time today!! glad to hear that you and your mum are having such a good time. these pics of you are so beautiful ... really, really lovely.

teresa said...

that is beautiful, lovely woman.
and the nursery is sooooo pretty! and ready! (and what a lovely orange obi on the wall!)

these moments of anticipation are so sweet.

i love you.