Saturday, January 26, 2008

more adventures with ma!

for all the family back home, i know ma has been telling you check the blog for updates on all her adventures. so here's the latest installment!

we've had a really nice week. mom continues to learn a new dutch word or phrase nearly every day. in fact, the cheese lady at the market today asked her how her dutch was coming along, and mom said "lekker!" which is her favorite word now. (lekker means tasty or delicious, but the dutch use it for everything -- to describe the weather, the food, a hottie, how you feel after you had to hold your pee for a long time and then you finally get to use the bathroom... you get the idea.) the cheese lady thought it was just fabulous that mom knew such a versatile word and complimented her on how quickly she picked that up. then we moved along to the flowers and fish stands, and enjoyed the sunshine and the busy-ness of the street. willie the egg farmer gave us a little present for spruitje, and the young man at the veggie stand told me that it was time to evict spruitje if he wasn't going to pay his rent. "he's late, so now he must be kicked out!" he said. funny.

earlier in the week we went into enschede to enjoy a sunshiney day. the market was in town that day, so we wandered through there and mom bought herself a couple of fun things. we sat in the sunshine, outside at a cafe, and drank some tea while we looked at the old church. and later we ended up at a restaurant for a snack, where she ordered something very dutch: kroketten! i almost tried talking her out of it, because i haven't really tried many kroketten that i've liked, but she wanted something authentically dutch, and that would definitely be it! she really enjoyed it, actually, and talked about it for the rest of the day. oh, another dutch treat that she tried was the cone-of-french-fries, drowning in mayonnaise. they gave us little forks to eat it with, but she couldn't handle only eating one at a time and quickly ditched her fork and dove straight in. what a mess!

we went to a movie on wednesday night and grabbed a drink in the theater cafe beforehand. she just thought it was the cutest thing to be sitting in a dutch bar, drinking coffee. there was the usual intermission in the middle of the movie (it doesn't matter how long a movie is here, there is ALWAYS an intermission in the middle so people can grab a smoke, a cup of coffee, or just stretch their looooong dutch legs), and i don't think she was expecting it, and it made for a really long evening for her. i should have told her beforehand so she could be prepared for staying out so late.

and we also went for a nice walk in hengelo. she was really impressed with how green everything was in the middle of january. quite a treat from someone born and bred in minnesota! we had to stop every 10 feet to see someone's garden (they don't have lawns here, they have beautiful gardens instead) and she admired all the pretty windows and the tidy streets and the colorful bricks on some of the older houses.

aaaand she's been a FABULOUS help! she gets roommate-of-the-week award for sure. she's mopped our floors and made us dinner nearly every night, she makes the bed for us and folds our laundry, and yesterday i woke up and found her sweeping the floor and had already put the water on for tea! adam and i are so spoiled! we're not going to remember how to do the dishes by the time she leaves!

oh yeah one more funny story from the week: since she spent the first few days a little jet-lagged, she would wake up in the middle of the night and come downstairs to check email or grab a snack or read or something. and the back neighbors just "happened to notice" that all of our lights were on in the middle of the night one night. as our back neighbors, the wakkermans, are the in-laws to our american friend, stephanie, they called her the next day to report this and hypothesized that perhaps spruitje was born that night. so stephanie calls us and congratulates us on the big news, and adam was soooo confused because he didn't know mom was up in the night, and didn't understand why the lights would be on, or how the back neighbors would even know this. anyway, mom and i thought it was HILARIOUS that our neighbors know our schedule so well, and know that we're pregnant and about to deliver at home any day now, and would get all excited about lights on in the middle of the night because just maybe it meant that the baby was finally here. oh yeah and one more thing: we've NEVER MET our neighbors (cuz i can't figure out where their door is at!), but we all seem to know what's going on in each others' lives -- they know i'm pregnant, i know that mrs. wakkerman broke her wrist in a fall recently, they know that we painted our nursery bright yellow (they've never been inside our house), and we know that mr. wakkerman is practically deaf and has his own blog page with a link to our own. things like that. it's sweet. i thought it was the funniest, and most unsurprising thing i had heard all week. it doesn't take my mom very long to create something to talk about, no matter what country she's in!

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