Monday, December 17, 2007

touring the teahouses

recently my friends, jolanda (with the red hair) and mariska (with the brown hair) went to another teahouse. regular visitors to this blog may remember another teahouse that we visited (cafe' dennenoord) in october. we three had such a lovely time at our afternoon tea party that we decided that we should make it a regular outing, sampling the various teahouses in the twente region.

so, we did just that! a couple of weekends ago, we went to restaurant hanninkshof, in the village of boekelo. though not exactly a teahouse, jolanda noticed at a recent visit there that they did serve a high tea. so she told mariska and me, and set about arranging the whole thing.

i suppose it's not really fair to criticize the hanninkshof for their high tea, because they're not specifically a teahouse. but the three of us definitely noticed how the first teahouse we went to was much nicer and served a much fancier high tea. i think the biggest disappointment (besides our cranky waitress) was that the teas that they offered were just generic tea bags that you can buy at any grocery store (unlike the extensive tea menu that we were offered at cafe' dennenoord). but despite the differences between the two places, we certainly enjoyed ourselves! we spent about 3 hours or so just relaxing and talking and eating bonbons and little sandwiches and these delicious vegetable-and-cream puff pastries. we even had to ask for a "to go" bag for some of the sweets at the end, because there was just so much food! what a treat!

afterwards, mariska left to go to a friend's party, and jolanda and i decided to walk off all that creamy and decadent food. we strolled through boekelo, a small village between enschede and hengelo, and jolanda told me about the salt houses and the salt towers dotting the area. (i've seen these things before and never knew what they were. apparently the salt towers drill down into the earth to collect salt, and the houses either do the same thing with pumps, or they are just places for the salt to dry. she wasn't sure about that, but it all has something to do with salt mining/production.) it was a really lovely late afternoon, with black tree branches against a blue-and-gold sky, dotted with low clouds. we both commented on how very "dutch" the sky looked, and i spent a moment admiring it all because i know that i won't live in holland forever.

we're already planning our next teahouse for sometime in february or march. sometime after spruitje is born. i'd like to do it when either my mom or mom-in-law are here so i can take them with. i think they'd really enjoy an outing like that!

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