Monday, December 03, 2007

massage momma

well i'm now nearly 7 1/2 months pregnant and everyone keeps asking me when i'm going to stop working. and my answer to them is, "once the baby comes!"

i feel great, i still have a lot of energy considering what a load i'm carrying up front and how hard my body is working to grow our little spruitje, and i really enjoy the work that i do! i have limited myself to only one client a day, and no more than 4 clients a week, so i'm hardly pushing myself beyond what is safe and comfortable. (back in my days in boulder, i was able to work with 3 or 4 clients in a day, usually about 4 or 5 days a week... but back then i was not only not pregnant, but also i had a lot of other really amazing therapists and acupuncturists to keep me healthy and strong in case i strained my back or overworked my wrists. out here i don't know any reputable bodyworkers, certainly not any who are certified to do prenatal massage, so i am extremely mindful about how much i'm exerting myself and try to keep up on my yoga -- i do that at least 3 times a week -- and go on a walk every day to stay healthy.)

i have been in high demand recently now that my business has grown to about 20 clients or so. (my goal is 30, but that will have to wait until after i have the baby and have more energy to see more than one client a day.) i was completely booked for all of november, and in fact had a small wait-list of clients who wanted to see me sooner but who had to wait until december before i had any more openings! yay (for me! -- sad for them!)!

the majority of my clients are people i invited in for an intial free session, just to feel my quality of touch: people that i already knew from my time at the call center, people from the university, neighbors, friends, etc. people who were already in my life. and, as predicted, nearly all of them came back for paid sessions and continue to see me today. and i seem to now be getting a second-generation of clients, who are friends, family, and colleagues of my first-wave of people. i saw a few new people in november and this week i am scheduled to see another newbie, which i'm excited about. my sessions still run about an hour, and occasionally i will see someone for a full 90 minute session, which is always my favorite because i feel like i actually have time to get to everything! i don't have to decide to skip the front of the legs or only minimally work the arms, or something, just so that i can have that extra time on the low back or in the hips to work out the real pain complaints that my clients have.

during the session i still move around the table fairly easily. the only thing i've noticed that is different about how i'm working is that my belly will occasionally bump into my clients, which i think is more embarassing for me than it is for them. but they all keep signing up for more appointments, so apparently it's not as big of a deal for them as i imagine it to be. and afterwards, i notice that my back feels a little more tired than it normally does after a session, but that's to be expected given all the weight i'm carrying around these days anyways. (but my core still seems to be mostly strong: when i hold the plank position in yoga -- like a fully-extended push-up that you hold steady for several seconds -- i can feel my deep core muscles firing themselves up! that's great!) and my ankles don't swell just because i'm standing and working for an hour, and the baby seems to really enjoy the soft music and the swaying of my hips as i work, because he often quiets himself down once i really get going in the session.

so, i'm open for business for as long as i can work! why not? it's a good way for me to stay connected to my healing self, and a good way for me to make a little extra money before spruitje comes. once our baby is born, i plan on taking a lot of time off so that the three of us can get acquainted with each other and so that my body can heal from the delivery (who knew i'd be in for so much pain AFTER the baby is born? i'm not looking forward to that... yikes!). but then i'll hopefully be able to continue to practice my massage once everything gets into a rhythm -- after all, my office is in my home, and the majority of my clients prefer to see me in the evenings and on the weekends, when they are not at work. and that is when adam can be home to hang out with spruitje, leaving me a few hours in the evenings to do my work. that's the plan, anyway... we'll see if that's really what happens!

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teresa said...

you`re great! I am so glad that you still find your job possible, and Rewarding!!!
and, hey, that`s the dreamcatcher that my mom made! cool!