Sunday, November 11, 2007

tea party!

recently i went to a tea house with two friends of mine, jolanda and mariska. i knew both of them from when i used to work at the call center, because they both worked there too. mariska is still there, but jolanda has since gotten her masters degree in HR and switched to a different company near deventer. anyway, when i was at the call center, the three of us discovered each others' fascinations with england, clotted cream, and high tea, and decided that someday we should all go to a tea house for a tea party and to talk girl talk.

so, a couple of weeks ago, mariska picked me up and we drove out to ootmarsum to enjoy the tea house out there in the countryside. the day was damp and cool and cozy, and the drive there was just lovely, filled with fat dairy cows and falling leaves and green fields dotted with thatched-roofed farm houses. we met jolanda promptly at 11:00 and after perusing the little gift shop and admiring all the pretty tea cups, we went inside to theehuis dennenoord.

the tea house was very cozy, filled with big cushy pillows and candles on every table. we reserved a table in the corner by the window, and after considering the amazing menu and almost ordering the full english breakfast (have i mentioned to you how difficult it is to get a decent breakfast around here?), we all decided that since we were in a tea house, and that since the whole point of the outing was to have a tea party, we would just go for the tea menu. so we did.

we each got to order our very own pot of tea, which came with a beautiful pot warmer beneath it, basically a stand made out of the same ceramic as the teapot, with a tealight candle in it to keep it warm. and cute little teacups too. we got the vegetarian option for the tea snacks, because the meats offered were raw salmon and pate', which i can't have either of and which jolanda and mariska disliked anyway.

so our food came out, served to us on trays stacked on a cool carrier thingy, with a good assortment of both savory and sweet: there were little chocolate muffins; some sort of coffeecake; layered sandwiches with the exact same thickness of bread, cream cheese with chives, another kind of cheese, and then another kind of bread (all three of us liked that one the most); another sandwich with a sweet walnut chutney, cheese, and lettuce; and pretty little scones dusted with powdered sugar and served with jam and fresh clotted cream (oh!). and i swear there was something else on there too but i forget.

and we seriously sat there for like FOUR HOURS, just talking and drinking tea (we all ordered a second pot after our food was finished) and eating and enjoying the coziness (gezelligheid) of the cafe and of each others' company. it was just so sweet. we all agreed that we will have to do a tea house tour (we even joked that we could make up t-shirts like rock bands, something like "twente theehuis tour" and put the dates and places we've been to on the back...), so that we can sample the different tea houses in the area. so stay tuned for more tea house reviews!


teresa said...

I want little cheese sandwiches with bread! And girlfriends to share them with! Alas. . .

I am so glad you are getting out to explore more of Nederland with your girlfriends.

Queen E said...

What a fun time! The tea party sounds great, and like T, I'm happy you got to spend some good time with your girlfriends.

Your post reminds me how restricted to country I am based on my diet. Suck! Not eating dairy keeps me pretty close to home, or at least leads me mostly to East and West Asian restaurants when I go out. And forget traveling to Italy, like my roommates are doing in January. OMG, can you imagine--Italian food? I'd die.

But thank goodness you can eat all those delicious tea cakes. Since I can't eat it, there's more for Amber!