Thursday, November 15, 2007

30 weeks

time for another pregnancy update:

i'm just wrapping up week 30. (a full-term pregnancy is 38 to 42 weeks, so i'm nearly done! or rather, spruitje is almost done! only 2 more months!)

everything still feels good. even though i'm 7 months along and look enormous, my body feels in great shape. in fact, i think i look the same everywhere except the area between my chin and my hips... from the back i don't look pregnant, but then i turn to the side, and WOAH!

i still walk everywhere, but riding my bike has been difficult for some time now because it just hurts my hips so much. walking, on the other hand, feels really good to keep my sacrum, hips, and low back feeling comfortable. i have difficulty bending over to pick something up or put something away, but i can still easily reach my toes when i do my yoga -- i don't know why that is, but there is is. like, i have a hard time putting on shoes or sweeping up in the dustbin, but when it comes to stretching and lengthening the spine and the hamstrings, i can do it just fine. weird.

my cravings have shifted, but not much: i used to have this thing for oranges, and now i'm all about bananas. which is good, cuz i've noticed fewer leg cramps since i've started on that kick. carrots, sweet potatoes, and squash are still my favorite things to eat, so i still have that whole beta-carotene thing going on. baby is going to have good eyes, i think.

and the nursery is really nearly done. we finally got a mattress for the crib, and we have just a few sheets and blankets. we need so much more: cloth diapers, bottles, a bathtub, books and toys... but i'm starting to feel like if spruitje poked his head out tomorrow, we'd be practically ready for his/her arrival. of course, we'll never been completely ready for a baby (no one is), but i've noticed a calm come over me since we have most of the "supplies" we need to care for a baby. my dreams are less frantic as a result of this too-- i used to have all these dreams that he was born waaaaay too early, but since we've done some major preparations around here (thanks again, adam, for all your hard work!) my dreams have really shifted into a more relaxed tone.

which is how i feel. i feel relaxed, calm, excited, anxious... all is well. baby is healthy and is SUPER squirmy, less kicky now that he's started to run out of room (and my insides are grateful for his reduced activity!). i feel like everything is on track for this thing to really happen. it's really happening! we're having a baby!

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teresa said...

your downward dog is still looking good, babe!
excellent job getting the nursery ready. of course you are waaaay early, as you are an exceptional planner. xo