Monday, October 29, 2007

ireland - dingle town

the town of dingle, on the dingle peninsula in southwest kerry county, was about a 20 minute drive along a winding, narrow, gorgeous little road from our cottage in inch. about half of the drive was along ocean vistas, and then another half was through pastureland, mostly sheep but a few cows here and there, grazing on the steep hills in the fog and rain.

we went into dingle several times, to get groceries, to eat dinner, to buy souvenirs, just to do some sightseeing. it's a very cute little village with a harbor and lots of adorable pubs and cafes and b&b's everywhere. we ate dinner there one night and listened to some live music, first at a hotel in their swanky bar/restaurant, and then later at a lively pub that we ate lunch at a few days earlier. the musicians were amazing -- the singer would play with the crowd and interact with us a lot, and then the accordion player was more quiet and reserved and was just kinda there to do his thing, drink his beer, and get paid. the place was packed and cozy and friendly, strangers singing with each other and clapping along to the tunes. i wish they would have played later into the night so we could have enjoyed it for longer! and, once again, spruitje was doing her irish jig to the music -- we've got a little dancer already! watch our video of the live music here.

on the way home one evening we stopped along the way to admire
the especially marvelous clouds sitting over the mountains across the dingle bay. the day was cool and gray and the fog had been hovering close to land all day, and by evening it had finally formed into clumps of clouds, and bits and pieces of landscapes could escape between the clouds and everything looked just mysterious and ancient and just... irish.

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