Tuesday, October 23, 2007


so, i think spruitje had the hiccups today, for the first time!

it was about 11:00 this morning, and i noticed that he kept punching me... but then when i checked in with him, i noticed that the punches were pretty rhythmic, and always the same pressure. (usually when he punches or kicks, he varies the speed and the intensity, so this was definitely different.) and it was coming from a spot normally where his hands are not -- it was a bit further over, like where his back is at. and then i realized... HICCUPS!!! they lasted only a couple of minutes, but it was the best thing EVER!

ooooh! hiccups! my baby has hiccups! he didn't make my belly shake with them (yet) but i bet when he gets a little bigger i'll start to move with the hiccups too. omg, it was tooooo precious! hiccups!

oh, and another couple of stories about the baby, just because he's that amazing and wonderful: last night adam and i were reading by the fire, and being all quiet and stuff, and then i can't remember why, but i said something in a loud voice, and it startled spruitje and i felt him jump a little bit in my belly! and then this morning, as i was waking up, i could feel him kicking me and punching me to get me out of bed and downstairs to breakfast, and adam came upstairs to say good morning, and took out his "ulysses" book and read to spruitje, and spruitje totally started to calm down. just like yesterday, when i put the headphones on my belly so spruitje could listen to ella fitzgerald while i checked my email -- at one point i had to restart my computer, so the music stopped, and within a minute of the music stopping, he got all kicky and squirmy again. and then when the music started up again, he relaxed and the kicks became fainter and fewer. isn't that AMAZING?! that he can already react to his environment?! he's a real live person in there! our child! WOW!

okay, i digress. you know, these stories are going to become even more mundane the older this baby gets, because of course, as a first time parent, i'm going to think that every instant is a milestone. because it is. i'm just so in love with spruitje already and i've never even met him. how is that possible???

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teresa said...

ommmmmmggggg! like every freaking day i`ve been asking you if you feel hiccups, and now you finally do!

I am in love, too! welcome, little person!