Thursday, September 27, 2007


remember that blog i wrote about the fashion show? yeah, you know the one... how, at the end of the show, the four preggo ladies saw me in the window and we all compared our baby bumps? yeah, that one...

well, i finally made it to that store the other day, in hopes of picking up a sweater i saw modelled in the show. it's a really cute little shop, mostly with small gifts like clocks, finger puppets, wooden toys, etc. very cute stuff, and good quality too. but in the corner of the store there's a small section of very nice secondhand maternity clothes, which i was really pleased to find. especially because the maternity jeans i've been wearing lately are just about too small for me, and i was not looking forward to buying a brand new pair which i'd only wear for a few months. new maternity jeans were going to cost me close to 45 euros, whereas the pair i had been able to wear up until now i had picked up at target back in the usa for only $6. i was hoping for another deal like that and was thinking maybe i could find something in ireland when we go there soon... but behold! kiddootje! i found a pair for 8,50! rejoice!

anyway, i introduced myself to the lady there, and she laughed when she found out that it was ME who was in the store! because she was one of the models from the fashion show who remembered showing off the babybumps! i didn't recognize her, though, because her bump was gone. as it turns out, none of the women in the show were pregnant, but they all had these prosthetic bellies or something. which would explain why their bumps and their chests all looked just perfect... tiny hips, tiny butts, tiny chests, only a big, beautiful bump sticking out. nothing like the voluptuous, plump figure i've developed. i was a little jealous of them when i saw them, but now i get it. :-) anyway, the lady (tania) told me that she and her sister and her girlfriends (all the models in the show) laughed about that encounter for the rest of the day, just like me, so it was funny and sweet to make that connection.

so, i found some great jeans, a cozy sweatshirt, a great pair of jammy pants, a very nice black t-shirt which really shows off my bump, and this little thing that's like a tube top but you wear it around your waist for when your shirts are getting too short or your pants are getting too low... it just looks like you've layered another t-shirt underneath. sweet. i wish i had a million of them because they're really handy.

hooray for new friends and new discoveries!

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Anonymous said...

Hello Amber,
You were just in my shop, and bought those handy 'buikbanden'! Hopefully there again very handy! Ofcourse I was curious about your blog you told about...what a nice blog, and always nice to read good comments about my little shop, thanks! See you again maybe!
Greetz, Tanja (from Kiddootje)