Saturday, September 08, 2007

half baked

well, our little bun is half baked. i'm 21 weeks now, just over halfway done. only 139 more days until our due date of 25 january.

i've been feeling great lately. really, throughout the whole pregnancy. i've just felt amazing, so filled with gratitude and love and peace. maybe it's the pregnancy hormones, or maybe it's all the ripe and colorful food this time of year, but something is making me giddy and i am really enjoying it.

i have lots of energy (well, not LOTS of energy, but a lot more than i did my first trimester that's for sure), my body feels comfortable most days, and my skin is glowing. i can't remember the last time i had a pimple. really, i feel so amazing. i feel like an incarnation of the fertility goddess, taking on the shape and form of every mother in history, and it's a really miraculous thing to see myself in the mirror sometimes, because i don't see "me", but instead i see all women throughout all time. does that sound weird? it totally does. but this pregnancy feels like a very natural thing -- it's like one day i wasn't pregnant, and then the next day i was, and it's just all so very normal and easy. my body is not fighting this at all, none of this feels forced, i feel just so calm and lovely all over. (what's going on??? i'm usually filled with gratitude, but this is really over the top! i'm in love with everything these days! yay!)

about two weeks ago, spruitje went through a very quiet period, and it really concerned me. so to wake him up, i went out and bought these giant headphones to put on my belly so he could listen to music and dance around. (this is us listening to music and doing a crossword puzzle together.) though he remained pretty quiet even during our daily musical interludes, i could tell that there were certain sounds that would make him squirm: french horns and violins got to him the most. it must be those high-pitched instruments. he seems to like bach the most, because there's more movement in both the music and in my belly. he also likes vivaldi (again, lots of movement in the music), but isn't such a big fan of african music (a disappointment to me because i LOVE the stuff coming out of mali especially). kind of a surprise i thought, because of all the drums and syncopated guitars. good to move to, but he's not feeling it i guess.

but anyway, he's definitely woken up now and i've felt him jump around for the past week or so, and i love it. in fact, he's such a little dancing entertainer now that i keep referring to him as "sprouty spice." he's most active first thing in the morning when i'm laying quiet in bed and breathing deeply. in fact, this morning i laid in bed for an extra 10 minutes feeling him kick me. adam put his hand on my belly and he could feel spruitje too -- baby's footprint feels about the size of my thumb pad, maybe a little bigger. and there are times when he's nestled up against the edge of my uterus when i can palpate around and feel his limbs (i can't usually tell if it's an arm or a leg yet, but it's definitely a limb) or his head, or sometimes an elbow or a knee. even adam is able to feel it too with a little guidance. oh, it's so fun!

we have our ultrasound scheduled for thursday afternoon, at which point the technicians will be able to tell us if spruitje is growing at a good pace and if everything looks healthy and normal. i'm really nervous about it to find out the status of our half-baked bun, but there's nothing i can do about it either way. i just need to have faith and stay hopeful and optimistic. but please pray for a good outcome. we'll let you know next week what we find out. (and no, we're not going to get a sneak peak "down there" during the ultrasound! we loooove surprises and want to keep the gender a secret! so don't even ask, because we don't know either!)


Anonymous said...

did u use 'he' throughout that entry just to make us think that you did indeed know the sex of the baby?

i'm so glad to hear that your pregnancy is going well. good luck on your ultrasound next week :)

Anonymous said...

that was from me, carol, by the way :)

teresa said...

yer so pretty! sucks that BB doesn`t like habib.

bob and rae said...

Mother and child both looking great!