Wednesday, September 26, 2007


two nights ago i was laying awake in bed, fretting about all the things we need to do for the baby's arrival, and keeping adam up in the process. how are we going to get furniture for the baby if A) we don't have money, and B) we don't have a car? where do we even GO for this stuff? the thought of riding my bike all the way out to ikea just seemed exhausting and overwhelming -- sitting on my bike for more than 10 minutes at a stretch really does a number on my overly-pliable sacrum, and messes up my hips for days afterwards. it's just not comfortable. ebay charges an arm and a leg to deliver internationally, and the dutch version of ebay ( is helpful, but again, we're stuck with trying to figure out how to ship this stuff here or hire a car to transport it across the country... and here i am, nearing the end of my 2nd trimester, with a feeling that our baby is going to be early (too early i worry sometimes) and all we have is a painted room (which looks GREAT thanks to adam).

so what does adam, my hero, do? he gets on the phone the next day to call second hand stores in the area to see if they have any rocking chairs. for weeks now i have been searching the internet for nice, sturdy, old rocking chairs, something creaky and broken in to soothe the baby back to sleep. as it turns out, there is this HUGE thrift store not more than a 2 minute walk from our house, which happens to have just one rocking chair there. (how did i miss this place? i guess because it's off in a corner behind a store that i rarely shop in anyway...) well, adam wanted to surprise me with this chair for our 10-year a&a day (which is tomorrow, the 10th anniversary of the day we met), but knowing me, he said he wanted me to come look at it first because if it wasn't "just right" i might not like it.

so, we get to the store, and sure enough, the chair wasn't "just right." it leaned too far back, and i felt like i was going to fall backwards every time i rocked in it. not a very soothing feeling for mom OR baby, so we decided not to get it. (he's glad he had me look at it first after all!) but as long as we were there, we took a long look around to see all the great furniture they had available. (i wish i would have known about this place a year ago when we moved and needed furniture!) AND we found a great old entertainment center that would have been used for a record player, but is just the perfect size for a changing table AND we found a really sturdy crib that is made out of wood and is really quite pretty. PLUS the guy delivers! so he's going to drop this stuff off on tuesday, and adam already recruited a friend from work to come over that day to help carry it all up to the nursery!

my hero!

i just gazed at him for the rest of the day with this pathetic, puppy-dog, "i'm so impressed" look on my face. seriously. he TOTALLY saved the day. what a good boy!

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teresa said...

hooray for 2nd hand shops! here in japan, they don`t like buying used stuff because it`s too dirty or something. japanese people like new things with LOTS of packaging. so the Recycle Shops are small, but we usually get amazing deals. there are two in town, but when we`re driving around the island we always look for others in big cities.
i am lusting over this amazing japanese antique wood bureau that i desparately want to buy and ship home. nick and i are discussing. . .