Tuesday, March 27, 2007

spring break! (luzern)

wespent i think three days in and around lucerne, switzerland, just south of zurich and on the northern edge of the alps. we arrived after dark and got all sorts of turned around in the city looking for our hotel, but finally made it. we were too exhausted to do much that first night but ended up walking along the river and crossing an ancient wooden bridge that is a famous landmark in the city. we ended up at a funky little cafe where we split a pitcher of local swiss beer for dinner, and then home to bed.

thefirst day was basically spent on mount pilatus (see previous post) but we did get a chance to see a bit of the market on a saturday. here is a picture of adam buying us some really smelly cheese from a little stand there that ended up making us mildly sick for the next two days. not fun. but most of our time in luzern we spent either drinking giant cups of tea and looking at the mountains surrounding the city or sitting along the lake and enjoying the views from there. the weather was warm and sunny with a cool breeze, just like how springtime in the mountains should be.
because of all the mist, a lot of our pictures just didn't turn out. we could see the amazing peaks all around us, but with the bright sunshine and the misty sky, it was just too bright for our wimpy little camera to pick up the details. there's a giant mountain behind adam right now but all you see is air. um, i guess you just had to be there to get it...

one of our favorite things that we did was on sunday when we walked up a hill and discovered this amazing old wall with watchtowers that must have served as some sort of defense for the city many years ago. we sat underneath this wall on a bench in a sunny garden and stared at the mountains and the lake, listening to the bells chime across the city as people left church that day.

we slept with our hotel room windows open on sunday night to enjoy all the fresh air that the alps were generating, and woke up monday morning to a fresh coat of snow in the city. this picture of mount pilatus was taken from our hotel room window!

the lion sculpture is to commemorate all the fallen swiss soldiers who fought in the french revolutionary war. it's quite impressive and is bigger than this picture makes it look. mark twain once said something like this was the most moving pieces of stone he had ever seen. or something like that. adam and i sure thought it was cool, though.

ijust feel so CLEAN when i'm in the mountains. all the fresh air, fresh water, bright sunshine. it just makes me feel fresh and revived and alive. it was GOOD.

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