Monday, October 02, 2006

bob and rae!

adam's parents, bob and rae, had been planning a european vacation for some time now. originally they were going to do a scandinavian cruise -- but when they found out we were moving to the netherlands, they decided to reevaluate that plan. they decided to just do holland in two weeks, more than enough time to see a country that's the size of a potato chip, and come visit us for a while.

they arrived last thursday on the train from amsterdam. adam skipped out early from work to meet his folks at the train station here in enschede, but was totally busted when he bumped into his boss while waiting in line for a croissant. oops! anyway, we met bob and rae right at the platform and walked with them down to their adorable hotel, the hotel rodenbach. the rodenbach also has one of the nicest, swankiest restaurants in town, but we never ate there -- mostly cuz we were scared to eat something really "gourmet" (read: "gross").

we arrived at the hotel, sat outside to enjoy the chestnut trees and each others' company, when bob realized that he left his backpack on the train! so after a few phone calls with no helpful information, we decided to walk back to the station just to check it out. and wouldn't you know it: his bag was waiting for him in the ticket office at the train station! he totally lucked out. fortunately, enschede is the end of the line -- the next town is in germany, so the NS (the dutch-operated train service) stops in enschede, and anyone who is continuing on has to transfer here to a different train. but also, and i think more importantly, people here in enschede are just that wonderful. it's a small town (still the biggest town i've ever lived in, but small by most standards), out in the country, where crime and theft are not as prevalent. someone was kind and honest enough to return bob's bag, and leave all its contents untouched -- even his digital camera was still inside! it's truly a testament to just how lovely and wonderful the residents of this region truly are.

attached are some pictures of their arrival: adam waiting and eating his croissant, their train arriving, and meeting them on the platform. stay tuned for more stories of our grand adventures while they were here over the weekend...

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