Saturday, September 16, 2006

just like home, but different...

whew! i've been busy! all this week i've been hardcore looking at apartments, and i think i've found one. please pray/light a candle/visualize us moving into this lovely apartment in hengelo (the next town over). it's just the most perfect, lovely, inviting place i've ever seen.

but that's not what i'm writing about. that was just my excuse as to why i haven't blogged in a while. i'm gone during the afternoon, when you all are asleep back home. by the time i get home, it's early morning for you, and i'm busy calling people and IM-ing them (you can find me on yahoo messenger as arbriggle, and if you join me there then you can see me on my sweet new webcam), and then it's bedtime for me and i still haven't blogged.

but this morning, i finally have the time again.

it's saturday morning here, finally a little cooler weather -- it's been 80 degrees and sunny sunny sunny lately. and i just wanted to show you what a very normal life we're starting to create for ourselves. it's just like back in boulder, really, but just in a different country... and though it might not mean as much to someone else as it does to me, i've recently discovered a place in hengelo that sells my favorite tea: chocolate caramel enchantment chai from celestial seasonings! what a treat! my favorite tea from my favorite town (c.s. is located in boulder, and i've been there a million times)! just like back home... there's something reassuring about drinking the same tea i enjoyed in boulder. every morning back home, i'd wake up, put on the kettle, and make my chai. then i'd do my yoga, call my parents or girlfriends, and go to the market. and today i get to do essentially all the same stuff. but i'm doing it in the lowlands, instead of the high country.

at 1:00 i'm going into enschede on my loaner bike to the bike shop (fietsenwinkel) to pick up my "omafiets," or grandma bike. then ride back to campus to pick up adam and stu, the only other american we know out here, and the two boys will take a bus to hengelo to another bike shop that i found that has less expensive bikes than the place where i bought mine. then i'll ride my bike down there to meet them, and we'll go explore the village of hengelo together. it's market day there today, so maybe we can find some weird fruit or some pretty flowers or strange cheeses or something fun like that.

adam reading his book and drinking his tea... just like at home!

downward-facing dog with bluegrass music coming out of my computer

making breakfast

our "ontbijt" (breakfast) : scharreleiren, brood met honig en boter, paprikas, gouda, en sinasappelsap. (free-range eggs, bread with honey and butter, peppers -- still those same peppers we bought last week at the market! -- gouda, and orange juice.) eet 'smakkelik! (lit: eat tasty, but is meant more as bon appetit)


Bob F. said...

Wonderful! At home again and yet more to come.

Bob said...

That is a schmaklik -lookin' breakfast! I'm taking that beer you all couldn't drink over to Paulette's party tonight. Sent you a note on Horvat and the insurance. Later. Bob B.